Survivor News

Survivor News

September 20-
REALITY TV NBC is preparing to send citizens to outer space. The network will ante up nearly $40 mil for ''Destination Mir,'' ''Survivor'' exec producer Mark Burnett's new reality concept, according to Daily Variety. The show would track a group of wannabe cosmonauts as they compete over 13 to 15 episodes to see who is best prepared for the solar system. The winner gets a trip to Russia's Mir space station.

Tricky Dick- by Lori Reese
The Machiavellian skills that brought Richard Hatch to victory on CBS' deserted island seem to have backfired in the truck driver free jungle of New York's publishing world. The million dollar winner's attempt to forge an alliance with St. Martin's Press has been thwarted by his own misdeeds, reports The press acknowledged only that a nearly $500,000 book deal with Hatch is off. But sources told Inside that the ex corporate trainer tried to trick both his handlers (CBS) and his would be publishers (St. Martin's) by submitting two different versions of his proposal for his book, entitled ''Survival Skills for Life: An Owner's Manual.'' The publishers were tempted with a dishy ''Survivor'' gossip sheet; CBS was presented with a toned down autobiography about Hatch's early life. The network has contractual control over castaways' business endeavors in the months after the show, and one clear no no is writing a memoir about the series. (To leave more room on the market for the ''official handbook'' recently published by exec producer Mark Burnett?) Once Hatch's deception was discovered, St. Martins was left without a scoop and the deal fell through. Maybe Hatch should shop a different sort of book: ''How to Lose Friends and STILL Influence People.''

September 8- A little casting news from Hollywood:
Susan on NBC's DAG on October 31
Gervase on UPN's ''The Hughleys''
Joel, Gervase, Jenna will be on CBS' ''Nash Bridges.''
Jenna also will be on UPN's ''Freedom.''
Richard on CBS' ''Becker,''
Rudy on CBS' ''JAG''
Sonja on CBS' ''Diagnosis: Murder.''
Also 10 of the cast members will be attending the Emmys ceremony on Sunday night.

August 10th-
Colleen announced today that nothing in the way of sex happened between her and Greg or anyone else on the island.

August 6th-
Richard Hatch Jr. filed a suit July 3 against Rhode Island’s Department of Children, Youth and Families for violating his civil rights after local authorities removed his 10 year old adopted son in April and briefly arrested Hatch on charges of physical abuse. A family court returned the boy a month later citing lack of evidence. The suit claims authorities wanted to “punish” Richard for the manner in which he has chosen to live his life.

Ramona has been asked by Bunim Murray, the producers of Road Rules and Real World, to host this summer’s Real World / Road Rules Challenge. The show is a competition between members of past seasons of both Road Rules and Real World.