Season 2 Questions Season 2 Questions

The second AOL Chat -- Tue, 15 Oct 1996

Question: I would like to know what was better...the skydive or the bungee jump!
Timmy RR2: bungee hands down
Emily RR2: skydive
Devin RR2: the bungee because it was all on your own

Question: Were there any events that weren't shown on MTV that were missing that were especially memorable?
Effie RR2: bungee bungee bungee!!!11111111
Timmy RR2: days of laughter
Devin RR2: well Emily that one night in the ---oh sorry
Timmy RR2: St. Patrickís day
Emily RR2: Timmy and Christian singing Elvis songs at Memphis
Effie RR2: endless nights of getting drunk
Timmy RR2: my third nipple
Devin RR2: my f-cking tattoo in Memphis
Effie RR2: my tattoo!
Timmy RR2: my hangovers
Emily RR2: Timmy's butt

Question: can you teach us the words to that little cheer that Christian taught you guys?
Emily RR2: pillar my nassa
Timmy RR2: sooooooo swing a v posidle in the en hi skol
Devin RR2: swing a v posindin and the end hi skol is the easy way
Timmy RR2: elbows hi and don't try it at home

Question: Devin... does anyone on that end smoke cigars?
Timmy RR2: me sorry kids bad habit
Emily RR2: sometimes
Effie RR2: everybody.
Devin RR2: I dont understand

Question: I've always thought this was a really cool show...would you guys do it again if asked?
Timmy RR2: right now in a second
Devin RR2: in a hot minute I just want different people
Effie RR2: hell yes

Question: what is the best city you've visited?
Timmy RR2: Dublin
Effie RR2: Austin red river
Devin RR2: red river
Timmy RR2: Memphis was the sh
Effie RR2: Alaska.
Emily RR2: Pittsburgh
Timmy RR2: nice city f
Devin RR2: Memphis gets a vote too
Effie RR2: new York
Emily RR2: give her a break Tim

Question: who do you feel learned the most from being on road rules?
Timmy RR2: Emily
Emily RR2: why Tim
Timmy RR2: you can drive now
Devin RR2: myself
Timmy RR2: y dev
Emily RR2: I knew you were not serious
Effie RR2: everyone in his own strange way
Timmy RR2: Are you a he?
Effie RR2: my English sucks!
Devin RR2: I learned to love 4diff people for who they were actually about 26 people
Timmy RR2: I feel tingly

Question: How big a rush was the dogfight in Nevada
Timmy RR2: the biggest like 10 roller coasters and Emily put us in our place
Emily RR2: don't get me started the guys have heard enough
Devin RR2: I puked OK what more do you want from me I hate you al!!!!!!!!

Question: How does it feel watching and re-living your journey on TV?
Devin RR2: to answer it feels weird
Timmy RR2: it was like eating a primanti sandwich
Devin RR2: huh
Timmy RR2: great at first weird later
Effie RR2: now it makes sense

Question: Where are you all at right now
Timmy RR2: L A
Effie RR2: NY
Devin RR2: Iím in my video store in cleve
Emily RR2: LA

Question: Tim, when can we expect to see you knocking Jim Carry off of the comedy circuit? You RULE MAN!!!!
Emily RR2: tomorrow
Timmy RR2: Who's Jim carrey?
Emily RR2: opps
Timmy RR2: kidding I doubt it but Iíll try thanks
Devin RR2: he'll have to try hard to be funny and not the sex god he is
Timmy RR2: you the man

Question: How did you decide who got which color car?
Effie RR2: Timmy is a sex god
Timmy RR2: I'm color blind I picke the one with candy in the trunk
Devin RR2: we just put it down on this order form I got silver
Emily RR2: we arder whatever we wanted
Devin RR2: I gotta go soon
Timmy RR2: 1 or 2

MTVixen: TickiLuv asks: Do you ever thin that all five of you will be reunited again?
Effie RR2: we just ran to the available one
Timmy RR2: yes
Effie RR2: sure.
Timmy RR2: Iím sure we will throughout our lives
Emily RR2: we already have in NY
Devin RR2: but b4 I go the book is in the stores now get while there hot get em b4 your friends just get one
Timmy RR2: I love them like goldfish

MTVixen: Thanks to Effie, Emily, Timmy and Devin of Road Rules for joining us here in the MTV Arena. CYA later!
Effie RR2: we know you like gold fish.
Timmy RR2: any Q's for me leave an e mail
Devin RR2: Timmy you the man
Effie RR2: by guys. everywhere.
Timmy RR2: she named it Chelsea
Timmy RR2: or was it Moses
Effie RR2: Lola.
Timmy RR2: or Caesar
Emily RR2: love you Effie and mark
Timmy RR2: or grimace
Devin RR2: hey guys I'm gone love you all
Effie RR2: by em.
Timmy RR2: or slut or VD
Effie RR2: love you to take care.
Timmy RR2: or rocko or Elvis
Devin RR2: Tim dammit say bye
Emily RR2: pull the plug Tim
Timmy RR2: or pumpkinhead or Daphne
Effie RR2: by my love.timbo
Timmy RR2: Yep Daphne
Devin RR2: are you guys going to Yack live
Timmy RR2: yes
Effie RR2: Daphne
Timmy RR2: I've shut him off-em
Devin RR2: bye
Effie RR2: I'm out.
Devin RR2: bye
Timmy RR2: let's chat America
Emily RR2: bye-bye

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