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The first AOL Chat -- 7/23/96

RR2Tim: it was the best
RR2effie: I was skeptic. I thought it would be hard, but it was easy we were only there 30 minutes
RR2Chris: nervous, but good when we made it. It was an extraordinary feeling, driving
RR2effie: It was the biggest kick ever. We laughed so much about it after. It was amazing
RR2Devin: we were all really nervous beacause it was only our 2nd mission and we didnt really have the hang of it
RR2Chris: away with the 8ball, without them knowing we had been in there, and what had happened!

MTVHipChik: CrL act asks: QUESTION: Do any one of you guys want to persue a career in showbiz? What? an actor/singer?
RR2Tim: I didn't watch the show tonite. Did we get the 8 ball?
RR2Tim: yea
RR2Devin: i think we all know who the funny guy is now
RR2effie: No. I want different things out of life, but who knows what will happen.
RR2Chris: Tim and I feel that we need to do some more fun stuff.
RR2Devin: if someone offered me something interesting i would do it

MTVGroovy: Tiffany65 asks: Question: What was the most exciting thing that you did?
RR2Tim: well the open heart surgery was fun
RR2effie: going on this crazy trip. I can't tell! keep watching
RR2Devin: you'll have to stay tuned

MTVixen: Swimming with goats in Hoover Dam

MTVHipChik: RGoble93 asks: QUESTION: Do any of two you have a romantic interest in each other?
RR2Tim: i love food
RR2effie: yes. Effie I always thought that Timmy was the sexiest beast on earth. NOT!!!!!!!!!!
RR2Devin: tim and i got a little cozy one night
RR2Tim: devin has cold hands
RR2effie: the best love story was between me and devin.

MTVHipChik: OK guys here another...AMBlume asks: Question: How long did it take to film Road Rules?
RR2Tim: you loved to bitch at eachother
RR2Tim: 70 days
RR2Chris: 10 weeks
RR2effie: 100 days
RR2Tim: no 70 days
RR2Devin: it took two and a half months
RR2Chris: it felt like a year, especially with Tim around
RR2Tim: effie not in dog years
RR2Tim: devin was AROUND

MTVGroovy: Next question...GAMBIT818 asks: Question: Did you think you were all going to get along at first?
RR2Tim: hell no
RR2Devin: tim scared me at first
RR2Tim: i scare everyone
RR2effie: I knew at the beginning we would all get along. But I also knew there would be RR2Devin: i think i have to go soon
RR2effie: disagreements later.
RR2Tim: 1 or 2

MTVHipChik: K80408 may add Tim to her/his black book...answer this one gang! Question: is Timmy really that hot in person?
RR2Tim: i'm not real
RR2effie: Tim is really sexy.
RR2Devin: hell no you should smell him- see him in the morning
RR2Chris: Yes, if it doesn't eat, fart, and flirt with my goats
RR2Tim: oh o,k, tree head
RR2Devin: what about christian ??
RR2Tim: who?
RR2effie: What?

MTVGroovy: GAMBIT818 asks: Question: Was it hard to work and live around the cameras and equipment?
RR2Tim: i thought he was our driver
RR2Tim: personally it didn't bother me
RR2effie: we kept eating all of their food so we liked they were around
RR2Devin: after the shock of it all it was pretty easy for me
RR2Chris: Yes when the camera hits you in the head
RR2Tim: you get used to it
RR2Chris: and when the audio guy makes strange noises in the back
RR2effie: or when the camera wakes you up in the morning. stuck in your face!!!
RR2Devin: hey lets be serious!!!!!!!!

MTVHipChik: GAMBIT818 asks.... Question: Did you regeret any part of the experience?
RR2Devin: no no no
RR2Tim: Christians labotomy
RR2effie: no. It was the best thing ever.
RR2Chris: Maybe we should, you'll see.
RR2Tim: vasectomy?

MTVGroovy: everyone's picking on Tim...K80408 asks: Question: Timmy sounds really funny---was he at any time annoying?
RR2Tim: yes
RR2Tim: try living with me
RR2effie: yes. very much
RR2Devin: it was hard to understand him at times because he is sooo crazy
RR2Chris: What do you think so far in that process: of course he was annoying, 100%
RR2Tim: so do you

MTVHipChik: Klondike asks: QUESTION: Did anything embarrassing happen to any of you while the camera was on?
RR2effie: Tim's farting.
RR2Tim: yes I kissed kelly too
RR2Chris: All the time!

MTVGroovy: JKandO806 asks: Question: How did you convince yourself that traveling across the US on wild goose chases was your dream come true?
RR2Devin: after a while you kinda forget the camera is there so you just start to undress and then remember
RR2Tim: we didn't have to
RR2effie: It's not a dream come true but it was the best thing ever.
RR2Tim: it was a dream come true to me
RR2Chris: I didn't get the question, did I have to convince myself?
RR2effie: this is the best way to see the world.
RR2Devin: i never thought i would get picked so there was no time to think about it
RR2Chris: I didn't convince myself
RR2Tim: do you know what convince means

MTVHipChik: LSlac asks a good one... Question: So.. who gets car sick??
RR2effie: noone.
RR2Chris: None of us.
RR2Chris: Effie got strange sometimes.

MTVGroovy: Glynis197 asks: Question: Who was you favorite person on Road Rules 1?
RR2Devin: did any one notice that the audience is decreasing
RR2Chris: (but I don't think you'd call it carsick)
RR2Tim: ha
RR2Chris: I didn't see it
RR2Devin: i thought that shelly was cool and carlos was a bitch

MTVGroovy: okay..this is a bit out there but..Glynis197 asks: Question: If you all were on a deserted island and you all had to eat one person out of the group, who would it be?
RR2Tim: louis valdez
RR2effie: Devin
RR2Devin: i would eat emily no pun intended
RR2Tim: Devin he has alot of meat
RR2Tim: oh that was bad
RR2Devin: hey tim how do you know shhhhhh

MTVHipChik: Tarot531 asks: Question: Did you ever discuss the eight ball incident later with the cast of Real World 5 (Miami?)
RR2Chris: Devin would be so fat that I would eat Devin
RR2Tim: no too bad for them
RR2Devin: no we never met any of them
RR2effie: with those freaks. We just laughed so much and that was it
RR2Tim: Devin you da man
RR2Devin: ive got a few things to say to that cynthia
RR2Chris: No we never discussed this, something tells me that Road Rules 3 should be on the lookout in Europe.

MTVHipChik: Tim these fans are obsessed...K80408 asks... Question: To Tim-- now really-- boxers or briefs?
RR2Tim: nothing at all
RR2Tim: freedom
RR2effie: none whatsoever
RR2Devin: i can vouch for that
RR2Tim: sometimes yours effie
RR2effie: hey I learned a few things from you too.
RR2Chris: Call them what you want, I couldnt tell what type they were
RR2Tim: slingshots
RR2effie: slingshots
RR2Tim: I love effie
RR2effie: I love Tim
RR2Tim: i was kidding
RR2Devin: i love her you cant have her she is mine

MTVGroovy: GAMBIT818 asks... Question: What state did you like the most?
RR2Tim: shock
RR2effie: I loved Alaska. Alaska was the best
RR2Tim: ohio on the way home
RR2Devin: alaska because i never thought that i would ever see it in my lifetime
RR2effie: Devin you knew on the first episode that you can't have me.
RR2Tim: new mexico
RR2effie: new mexico was great
RR2Devin: i could have you now you just cant handle me
RR2Chris: Hmmmm, ummmmm Hawaii!
RR2Tim: vermont?
RR2Tim: I loved Peru
RR2effie: I loved Mauii

MTVHipChik: LalaT directs one to Christian... Question: Christian, how did you end up in America all the way from Norway?
RR2Tim: airplane
RR2Devin: tim shut up
RR2Chris: Hahahaha, uh, um, um, through auditioning for the Real World London, and the Road Rules guys saw an auditioning tape and called me.
RR2effie: talk about late christian
RR2Chris: Believe me, I think it's strange, too.

MTVGroovy: RTSB asks...(give us dirt if you have it!): Question: Did the camera crew also live in the winnie or did they have a separate vehicle?
RR2Tim: seperate
RR2Chris: In total we were about 20 people in that Winnie
RR2Devin: the crew got to stay in hotels every night while we froze
RR2effie: they had a separate vehicle but they were in the winnie while shooting. There was no socializing between cast and crew.
RR2Chris: pets not includedv RR2Chris: Why do you say A separate vehicle, they had 5!

MTVHipChik: CASKO asks.. Question: Timmy where did you get that black bra?
RR2Devin: the audience was 279 now its 165 we suck
RR2Chris: It was MINE
RR2Tim: some english girl from the shark lab
RR2Devin: yeah tim
RR2Tim: ok ok it was mine
RR2Devin: how did you get from her
RR2Tim: i asked her
RR2effie: Tim got a closet full of those sexy things. Thats the only thing he brought in his bagv RR2Chris: It was NOT a girl, it was a nurse SHARK (put your glasses on)
RR2Tim: bad one
RR2effie: tim. I'm trying ok
RR2Devin: christian go to sleep now

MTVGroovy: Robt C R asks a stinky one: Question: Did Devin really only have 1 pair of underwear in Bimini?
RR2effie: devin didn't have any underwear period.
RR2Devin: we didnt know how long we were going to be there,any way we were in the water alot
RR2Chris: Ask Emily, SHE would know
RR2Devin: shhhhhhhh!!!!
RR2effie: that was nasty

MTVHipChik: MMB1968 asks... Question: Do you ever just want to say"to hell with it!" and go home?
RR2Tim: hell no
RR2Devin: effie????
RR2Tim: i loved every minute
RR2Chris: no
RR2effie: yes I wanted to once.
RR2Devin: can i ask why???????

MTVGroovy: RoniLB asks: Question: Do you know if the cast of the Real World ever found out that it was you all that was in their house?
RR2Tim: yes tonite
RR2Chris: yesm there was a rumor in Miami
RR2effie: yes they knew a short while after that it was us.
RR2Chris: Maybe they're thinking about a revenge??????
RR2Devin: i have to go soon because the video store is closing if anyone cares
RR2effie: they can think as
RR2Chris: Yeah try to talk about something else, Effie
RR2effie: tim where are you
RR2Tim: i'm on the phone
RR2Tim: 3 stooges are on
RR2Devin: tim shut up
RR2Tim: up shut tim

MTVGroovy: Tiffany65 asks: Question: What have you been doing since Road Rules ended?
RR2Tim: i drove across country to L. A.
RR2effie: Ive been chilling in NY trying to decide whether to go on traveling or to go to school in
RR2Chris: Waterskiing in Norway; school, partying, travelling
RR2effie: NY
RR2Devin: alright im leaving it was alot of fun see you next week
RR2Tim: stay baby
RR2effie: stay teddy bear
RR2Chris: At the same time, in the same place Devin?
RR2Devin: tim be nice to everyone

MTVGroovy: NSturman asks: Question: devin : describe each of the other people in one word??
RR2effie: you cannot put someones entire personality in one word
RR2Tim: piut
RR2Devin: tim=hilarious effie=forgiving emily=openminded christian=polite
RR2effie: piut,piut,piut
RR2Chris: The best = Tim
RR2Tim: okeeeeeeee
RR2Tim: christian is the main ace

MTVHipChik: LORIELH asks... Question: Effie what was the hardest thing you did on the trip?
RR2effie: one of the hardest things was that at the end of the show it was hard to put aside
RR2effie: differences and get along with 4 people from different countries.

MTVHipChik: Wonkavato asks... Question: does fame suck without the fortune?
RR2effie: there is no fame. Not at this point.
RR2Tim: What fame this is only recognition
RR2Chris: Exactly, I agree with Tim.
RR2Tim: so do I
RR2effie: I agree with christian and tim

MTVGroovy: ResDog904 asks to all: Question: What the hell posessed you to get in the water with sharks????
RR2Tim: it was fun
RR2Chris: Of course we're full of fortune! What do you mean, no fortune?
RR2effie: curiosity and the fact that you know you will never have the chance to do it again.
RR2Chris: Excitement and thrill
RR2effie: you gotta learn to put aside your fear and try new things.
RR2Chris: that's BS: I'm visiting back in September to Bahamas!
RR2effie: you can't let your fear take over and not even try things

MTVHipChik: NSturman asks... Question: who changed the most during the trip?? RR2Tim: definitely emily
RR2Chris: I agree 100%
RR2effie: you don't change. Hopefully you learn about your own faults and you learn how to deal
RR2effie: with alot of people
RR2Chris: Why am I always the last one to's a long way to Norway!
RR2effie: emily changed. she opened up

MTVGroovy: This is the last question....CHICKA2 asks: Question: Do any of you ever go online?
RR2effie: yeah I do.
RR2Chris: Yeah we do it right now!
RR2Chris: Ohhhhhh, hareho Tapenbeck
RR2Chris: ~~~~~~~~~&&&
RR2effie: this is fantabulous
RR2Tim: you are fantabulous
RR2effie: no you are fantabulous
RR2Tim: ok
RR2effie: okeeeeeeeeeee
RR2Chris: Tim, remember next time I meet you "Sooooo Svingevi Posidelen High Skoll"
RR2Chris: "Sooooo Svingevi Posidelen EN High Skoll" (Norwegian)
RR2effie: I try to do it in NY but it is so hard nobody understood what I was doing.
RR2Tim: i pillar my nesa
RR2effie: pillar my freckheck

MTVixen: This about wraps up the Road Rules 2 online event.
RR2Chris: 221
RR2Tim: 219
RR2Tim: it is the best
RR2Chris: hahaha
RR2Tim: thanks america see you soon

MTVixen: Thanks for stopping by the MTV Arena, Road Rulers!
RR2effie: bye people.........
RR2Tim: any time

MTVHipChik: BYE Guys, thanks for joining us!
RR2Chris: It's 5:30a in Norway now, I think I'll go back to sleep.
RR2Chris: All you guys in space, have a nice time!
RR2Tim: with goats

MTVixen: Road Rules is on again this weekend. Check out the next adventures! CYA!
RR2Tim: are we doing this next week?
RR2Tim: peace

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