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215: For Sale and Goodbye

14:Bungie Jump

My comments:
   The night before they were to give up the Winnie the group stayed up and remembered all that they had been through. Devin said that he remembered the first time that he saw Emily that he thought that she would be high maintenance, and he also thought that Christian was full of it. Then Effie said that she thought that Timmy would the serious one of the group. Later on Christian and Devin decided that it would be cool to switch clothes, and then Devin said that it was typical that he would be put in another crazy outfit.
   The next morning Timmy got everyone up and they started to clean the Winnie. After some sad moments they headed to the airport. When they got there they unloaded the Winnie and Christian and Timmy went to drop off the Winnie and Christian allowed Tim the honor of parking it. After they parked it Christian got out and placed a for sale sign on the Winnie. When they went up to get the tickets they found out that they were to go to Anchorage Alaska.
   When they got off the plane they were met a lady named Allison who told them that they was going to be bungie jumping in the morning. So Allison took them back to the resort and got them checked into their rooms. As soon as Devin gets to his room he leaves to make a phone call to grip about how Emily wants to make their relationship more than it is. And when he gets back the whole evening is very stressed.
   The next morning at breakfast they met the guy that is taking them bungie jumping. When Effie found out that they would be jumping 218 feet off of a gondola she started to get scared. When they got up the place Effie decided that she would go first and after a couple of tries she chickens out.

What Andrea had to say about the episode:
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