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13: Work on a Movie Set

My comments:
I have never seen Emily this jealous, I think that it is good that Effie is finally getting a better mission than Emily, I think that it makes her appreciate the adventure more.
Looking back and seeing this episode for the first time after Chris Farley it is sad that we lost a great actor, and I think that the cast should feel that they were blessed to even be with him for a short while.

What Tracy had to say about the episode:
Segment 1:
    We find the gang on the road to Hollywood, in search of the Chinese Theater and footprints from the USS Starship Enterprise crew. After an agriculture checkpoint incident involving a coconut, an attempt to bribe a parking attendant and haggling with a street vendor for a map to the star's homes, they finally get their clue. The Roadies spend the next day hanging out at Venice Beach and are pretty pooped by the time they report for work on a film with a really big star!
Segment 2:
    On the set of "Beverly Hills Ninja," they are greeted by Chris Farley. He tells them it's an all night shoot and the work assignments are: Christian: wardrobe (ie:ironing), Devin: transportation (ie:driving), Timmy: catering (ie:coffee boy), Emily: grip (ie:manual labor), and Effie: Assistant to Chris Farley (ie:cool gig)! While Effie is having a blast, goofing around with Chris, a starstruck and envious Emily predicts that he'll be sending her back after "20 minutes, tops"! When the crew breaks for "lunch"; Emily's jealousy gets the better of her. Effie tells her she's acting like a child and Christian tries to keep the peace. But as Emily plots all sorts of violent ends for Effie. Devin, shocked by her animosity and immaturity, tells her to grow up, relax and enjoy the rest of their trip! Emily finally sees the light and the rest of the shoot goes well. After a wild goose chase involving Cheese Wiz and the director, they are paid and given the clue to their final mission, which will involve the northernmost state and crossing a bridge. The gang tries to figure out the clue, but Effie is sure they'll be bungee jumping off a bridge!
    End Segment: Chris Farley kicks Devin out the golf cart and takes Effie on a wild joy ride.

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