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213: Motsa and Dogfights

12: Fighter Pilots

My comments:
    On the way to the next mission the group could see the planes dogfighting each other. Seeing that it was the first night of Passover Effie was very worried that she would not be able to partake of the Passover Dinner, but luckily the group found a Rabbi, and he told Effie where there was a family that she could eat dinner at. So they finally found the family’s house and dropped Effie off, then they were off to Las Vegas for the night. When they got to Las Vegas they decided to gamble all the money that they had left, 70 dollars.
    Once that they entered the casino Emily and Devin were asked to leave because the were 18. Later in the evening Effie paged Tim, when Tim returned her page she said that she was finished and asked him to come and pick her up, which he said that he would. After two hours the group showed up to pick her up, and she was not even that mad. Mainly because they had won 60 dollars and had bought her some motsa for Passover week.
    At the air field they found out that they were going to dogfight each other. They then was given code names: Emily- Desert Levi, Effie- Kamikaze, Tim- Vitamin T, Devin- Dragon, and Christian- Goat Cheese/ Devin and Effie were up first, but just before they started to fight, Effie got sick and quit. So Devin won and went up against Emily, and before long Devin gets shot down, Then it was Tim, and then Christian and everyone one of them lost so Emily won the Desert Ace award.
    End: Emily explaining to Devin that she would love to go to flight school, but her parents would freak.

What Andrea had to say about the episode:
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