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11: Continued

My comments:
    The show starts out with Emily and Devin still fighting, I think that it is not possible for Devin to show any kind of commitment even though he does share feelings with Emily. Once they get to Moab the have to get on their bike and ride a trail till they find their next clue. After a long trail and man problems with the GPS, they finally found a box that contained a jack in the box which when they got it to open told them that their next mission was to dog fight. After they found the clue the girls decided to go back to the Winnie while the guys finished the trail.
    When the guys got back to the Winnie they received a page to meet someone at a restaurant for dinner. So everyone got ready and headed out to the restaurant, except Effie who said that she would be late. After waiting for a while they group was surprised by Christianís Dad, who was in on business and decided to try to find them. After dinner Christianís Dad gave everyone a present and headed out to catch a flight. Christian seemed very happy after seeing his Dad, after dinner Emily and Devin started to work things out.

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