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11: Locate the next clue

My comments:
    On the way to the next mission we find out that Tim was the mascot to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Until he was fired because he was caught skinny dipping with a woman in a public pool. It was decided that before they got to the next mission that they would break into a hotel and use the pool and sauna to have fun and get clean, because they were broke. After they got done swimming, Effie tried to give some love advice to Devin, and that was when Devin told her that he and his girlfriend had broken up.
    When they showed up at the field , it was decided that Christian would not be part of the mission because he got sick after his frozen pond swimming bet. The rest of the group sent to find Keith Santiago, when they found him they found out that they was to be spilt up to do different things, Tim was going to help with promotions, Devin was to see peanuts, Emily was to work with the grounds crew, and Effie was to be a batgirl. But before they could do that they had try out to sing the national anthem, which they did and Tim won the honors. Through out the game the guys seemed to have fun, except Effie was sent on a wild goose chase for the key to the batter box and a box of curve balls. Once she found out that they were joking, she started having some fun.
    Their next clue was to be held up by the fans but they got it all screwed up, so the group went up to the stands and collected the signs and spelled it out on the field. To find out where their next clue was they had to follow the GPS (global position satellite) to the directs that where in the clue. So off to the next clue.
    On the way the group decided to camp out due to lack of money, and that was when Emily found out that Devin did not share the same emotions. They finally figured out that they must go to Moab.
    End: The group went to a pizza place and Devin was complaining that they was eating meat, and Emily said that plants and animals had to die to feed them, with out them dying they would starve.

What Andrea had to say about the episode:
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