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10: Compete in a Snowbox Derby

My comments:
    On the trip to Red River everyone including Effie was in a very good mood singing songs. When they had arrived they just barely got to see the fireworks show, which made Christian and Effie very happy. The next morning they were told that they was to find a man named Wally Dobbs and he would tell them all that they need to know. When they finally found him Wally told them that they were to compete in a race and they needed to build their own racer, so he showed them where the tools were and they were on their way. After a while of brainstorming Christian came up with the idea of using a picnic table as the main part of their racer, and of course Effie does not like the idea so she throws a fit and runs off. So they started working with out her.
    The next morning the race was to begin so the group including Effie showed up to kick some butt. The first race consisted of a time trail with the top time continuing to the final race. The picnic table did a very good first race so they continued on the final race, and it was decided that in the final race that the group would use fire extinguishers, eggs and pies to distract the other contestants. Unfortunately they did not win but they ended up causing a snowball fight and everyone had a great time. When the trophies were being handed out the group was given the congeniality award, which contained their next clue : go to baseball tryouts.
    END: Christian on a bet jumped into a frozen pound which caused him to catch a cold.

What Andrea had to say about the episode:
    The next job is in Red River, New Mexico. Here the group will be building a snow box car for a race. The group decides on building a picnic table and as usual Effie throws a tantrum. Devin lets her have it and thatís the end of that argument, but not before Effie yaks about how spoiled Emily is! Devin, being the caring boyfriend, wonít let her talk about his love that way! The group finally finishes the car and ends up winning the award for congeniality. Great effort!

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