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8b: Compete in a Rodeo
9: Produce TV news

My comments:
    Much to Tim’s fears the group has to compete in different parts of the rodeo. After everyone was assigned their individual missions it was time to get the rodeo started . Christian was up first on the bareback bronco, and it took longer to get on the horse than to be thrown off, and this make Christian very upset. Next up was Emily on the saddle Bronco, and she lasted about 2 seconds and boy was she glad that was over. Last up was Tim riding the bull and he barely got out of the gate when he was thrown, and he was glad that he did not get hurt. After the rodeo was over the group was told that their clue was around one of the calves in the arena area, so they had to find the calf and try to get the clue off of its neck. The clue told them to go to Austin and report to the TV station.
    When they arrive in Austin Emily and Devin try to reach their contact, but could not get a hold of her, so when they come back to the Winnie Christian starts asking a bunch of question to see if the did everything right, and this makes Emily and Devin mad, and they start screaming at Christian and this make Christian feel really bad. But finally their contact pages them and they find out that they need to meet her at the station the next morning.
    The next morning they find out that Emily, Tim, and Devin are to cover a music festival called South by Southwest. After they left go cover the festival Effie finds out that she is going to be an editor for the day, and Christian is going to be a producer. After a while Tim, Emily and Devin returned with some interviews for Effie to edit and back out they went to cover the festival live. Emily got to report live while Devin filmed. After their report they were told their next clue, Go to New Mexico and be in a snowbox derby.

What Andrea had to say about the episode:
    The gang gets a clue to meet Chalk Donaldson at Sulfur Springs Texas. It is time to ride some wild animals. Emily will ride the Bronco, Effie the saddle bronco, Timmy the bull, Christian another Bronco, and Devin will be a clown. Effie has the time of her life as she rides out into the stadium and oh, Devin comes screaming out. I never thought a clown could look so good! Christian doesn’t do too well as he gets flipped off the horse. Next is Emily who is terrified, but Devin is there to comfort her. Timmy is the last to ride and he barely stays up for a tenth of a second.
    The next clue is tied around a calf’s neck. The group finally catches it and finds out they need to head over to the FOX station for work. After acting spoiled as usual Effie ends up with the indoor job along with Christian. Emily, Devin, and Timmy will shoot a live shot for the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin. They get their jobs done and they barely make it in time for the 10 o’clock live shot. Emily chokes a little, but hey it was live T.V, who could blame her.

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