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Episode 208: ELVIS TIME

8: Ribs Elvis Style

My comments:
    The clue that the group got at dinner the night before told them to meet the King in a park the next morning to receive their next job. So once they found the park they were informed that they was to report to nick at the Rendezvous restaurant. So once they realized that they were going to get paid they decided to spend all the money that was left. So they went to a nice dinner and progressed to eat the last of their money. A half a hour before they were to meet Nick Emily had to find Effie seeing that she had disappeared and no one knew were she was. Finally she finds her in a hotel room that she con someone in to allowing her to sleep in , and Emily is upset that she did not inform any of the other cast members that she had gotten a room, and as usual she made everyone late again.
    Once the group got to the restaurant Nick told Emily and Effie that they was going to work in the kitchen and the boys had a special job. So Nick takes the boys to the back and informs Tim and Christian that they are going to dress up as Elvis and Devin was going to take pictures of them with customers. After a short while the girls decide that they do not have to work, so they go outside and Effie gets mad at Emily, and Emily yells back, a few minutes later the guys show up and they decide that Effie is going to take pictures and Devin was going to help Emily in the kitchen. After the restaurant closed Nick told them that they did a good job and gave them a bottle of BBQ sauce with a clue on it: they were to work with bovines, and Tim is afraid that he will get hurt.
    End Tim and Christian joke about their tight Elvis outfits

What Andrea had to say about the episode:
    The next clue keeps this group in Memphis. It is time to do things the Elvis Style. The group will work at the Rendezvous Restaurant as cooks, photographers and impersonators.
    Before their job the group decides to hang out on their own, but when itís time to go, guess who isnít there. EFFIE! Devin and Effie scream for about twenty minutes when Devin finds out that Effie was taking a shower the whole time and didnít tell anyone. This is a big deal considering the group hasnít showered in a bout 2 days.
    The whole night at the restaurant tension is in the air. So the next day Devin and Effie decide to do some bonding and get some things off their chest. Now donít we all feel better?

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