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Episode 207: CHOOSE OR LOSE

7: Register Voters

My comments:
    As the group saying goodbye to Emilyís family, Tim decided that he needed his hair cut so he gave the honors to Emilyís little sister, and I must say she did a very good job. Then it was good-byes and off to Memphis. Once they had arrived in Memphis and secured a hotel room for 25 dollars it was decided that they needed money, so Tim had an idea, lets go to a club. Once they got to the club Tim started to bartending. While playing Bartender, Tim was dared to eat a goldfish, just as he started Effie stopped him and said that he would eat the goldfish for a few dollars, so they started a fund and Tim ended up making 20 dollars off of the fish. Fun night but must get ready for the mission in the morning.
    The nest morning Effie finds out that Israel was bombed, and this makes Effie feel really bad about being far form home. Once they got to the University they were told that they was going to register voters, and the one who registered the most would receive a dinner for two at an expensive restaurant. The cunning man that he is Christian got some girls to help him, with the promise that he would draw a name to go to dinner with him. After all the totals are tallied, Christian was declared the winner. Then Christian explains that he is taking one of the Girls and that they are invited to come also.
    The dinner went really when and Christian got brave and asked Emily and Devin if they was an item, Emily seemed like they were but Devin seemed offended by this. But just as things are quieting down the bill comes, 423 dollars and Devin is totally upset with Christian because he thought that they was not going to have to pay for the dinner. So it was decided seeing that they did not have money that they would wash dishes instead. When that was done they went to a club and went dancing.
    End: Emily talking about when she went with her grandparents to Branson Missouri, and Devin asked if the tour group smelled like urine.

What Andrea had to say about the episode:
    So next it is time to head to the University of Memphis where the group will have a small competition. Whoever gets more people registered to vote, wins a dinner for two at a very expensive restaurant. Of coarse, Christian is pretty sneaky and decided to get a whole group of students to help him and he does in fact win.
    Christian decides to take the whole group to dinner, and after almost not making it in the group sits down to eat. Then tension starts to build. Christian brings up questions about Emily and Devinís relationship. They seem to be thinking differently about where they stand and Devin seems to be getting more uncomfortable as time passes. But hey this is even worse, the bill.
    After washing dishes due to a lack of $300.00, the group heads their separate ways to do a little dancing, skating, and sleeping.

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