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6: Skydive

My comments:
    Emily was extremely happy to be see her parents. After dinner they group was given an apple pie and was told that they had to eat the whole thing to get there next clue, which was not a problem in the least. The clue told them that they were to go skydiving. After dessert Emily and her sister were talking when her sister told her that she had gotten engaged, and this makes Emily start thinking about her ex so she decides that she is going to call him. Calling her ex made Emily feel even worse, so she decides to go and see him, along the way she tells Devin that she does not want to get back together but he does. At her exís house he tells her that he will not be just friends forever, and this makes Emily cry so they leave.
    The next morning just before they leave the house to go to the airport, Emily shocks her Mom by drinking coffee. Once the gang gets to the airport they go through a quick training course then they are off in the airplane. Much to Devinís excitement his instructor informs him that they are going to try to do ten flips in the air before deploying the parachute. Once everyone is safe on the ground everyone expresses how great that was, Effie says that it was greater than an orgasm. As they start to go back to the Winnie they are surprised by a cheerleading squad telling them that their next mission is at University of Memphis and helping to vote.
    End: Emilyís sister trying to explain to Christian what is meant by a mutt dog.

What Andrea had to say about the episode:
    On their way back Emily decides to stop in Nashville to let the group meet her good friend Jason. Devin doesnít seem to be enjoying himself much now does he. After saying good-bye Devin and Emily decide it is time to talk. Devin reminds her that they didnít even sleep in the same bed together last night; since when did that start? After a long drawn out conversation they decide to blow it off and look forward to their next mission.
    After a tearful hello the group sits down for dinner. It is their first big meal since Bimini. Their desert reveals the next clue. They are going to be skydiving. That night Emily takes the group over to meet her ex-boyfriend Wes. The group sits in silence while Emily cries in the kitchen with Wes. On the way home Emily talks about their relationship and how it ended. This must be making Devin feel like he has a better chance now that Wes is completely out of the picture.
    The next day it is time to sky dive. Each person signs the waiver and gets hands on instruction about the jump. Itís 1,2,3 jump and theyíre off. After a tremendous jump Devin and Emily embrace each other. Effie just canít believe how great it was, and Christian wants to go again. Emily opens the door to the Winnie and out comes her old Cheer-leading team. They cheer the groups next clue. We are off to help with the Choose or Lose.

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