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Missions: 5 continued

My comments:
    Devin continues to express his dislike of the mission. Christian and Emily were cast as Confederates, and the rest of the group was Union. After they showed up to their tents Emily and Christian decided to go and visit the rest of the group on the way there they were caught by the confederates and charged with Treason, and was assigned to picket duty for the rest of the night.
    The next morning when everyone else was getting ready for the reenactment Effie had to get dressed up in a dress for some tea for the ladies, well she did not like this so she went back and changed and went out to the battlefield.
    As the bullets are flying and death all around, the group was starting to realize that there was more to war was about. After the battle was over it was found out that the Confederates had won the war. After everything settled down the group received a letter inviting them to a dance where they would receive their next clue. Once they had arrived they had to dance with the correct person to receive the next clue, so they had to dance with a lot of people to get the clue, but they got it and it instructed the group to go to Emilyís house in Flora Illinois. On the trip to Flora Emily and Devin started to express a like for each other. And Devin finally comes to a realization of why the war was needed and had a better view on the mission. While going to Flora the group decided to go to a dance club in Nashville where Emily best friend lived.
END: Christian is trying to find the correct name to call Black people, and Christian tells Devin that he is not black but brown, but Devin says that he is yellow

What Andrea had to say about the episode:
    Next itís off to Mississippi where the group will participate in a Civil War Reenactment. Devin, Timmy, and Effie will be part of the Union, and Emily and Christian will be part of the Confederacy. Devin feels very uncomfortable due to the lack of color on the site of the war. "Itís like being a cat in a room full of dogs." After the war everyone is exhausted but a man on a horse brings some good news. The group will attend a ball tonight and their dancing partner will hold the next clue.
    All dressed up the group gets ready to do some dancing, except Effie decides to sit this one out. Could this be the start of some distancing? Christian calls Emily over and their next clue is revealed. They are heading back to Emilyís house in Flora.

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