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4: Crew a Mardi Gras Float
5:Civil War Reenactment

My comments:
We finally get a break from Effie when she gets to talk to her boyfriend but it is not long enough
The beads for the float should have cost them around 3,000 dollars, but the got away with only spending 127 dollars.
Emily is expressing her like for Devin when she gets upset with him for participating in the parade
End: Timmy wants Christian to teach him a Norwegian saying, and Christian tells them: One goat in your hand is better than 10 on the roof.

What Kata had to say about the episode:
Unless otherwise noted, the following material is Copyright 1996 by Kata Koppel     Having completed their mission on skis, the Road Rules gang points their Winnie toward N'awlins, wondering what they might be doing at the biggest party of the year. The kids rub elbows with Harry Connick, Jr., Gerald McRainey, and Delta Burke. The cast will ride in Harry Connick, Jr.'s Orpheus parade the next day.
    Once the parade starts, the Road Rulers lose themselves to the chaos. They toss trinkets to the cheering crowds, urging the females in the audience to bare their breasts for choice beads. The parade ends back at the convention center, where they get their next clue; find Col. Dobbs in Columbus, MS.
    When the cast arrives in Columbus, Tim and Christian do some investigation over the phone and discover that Col. Dobbs is in charge of a Civil War reenactment in town.
    The kids find the battlefield and meet Dobbs, who gives them their mission; they must fight against each other in tomorrow's battle. Devin, however, seems a bit intimidated by the scene; the reenactors seem to wish the South would have won, which doesn't sit well with him. He becomes angry and considers dropping out of the mission...

What Andrea had to say about the episode:
    The next clue leads the group to New Orleans to ride on the Orphius, the biggest float in the Mardi Gras parade. The group heads out to buy all the beads they need to last a lifetime, and then they go to put on their costumes. "I look like a walking penis," states Devin. "A penis with ears," responds Emily. The group jumps on the float and starts riding down the streets by the French Quarter, which is not the cleanest nor the safest part of town. Emily seems very annoyed and feels that the parade is very sexist. She is glad when it finally ends.

What MTV had to say about the episode: Not Available

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