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3: Water-skiing

My comments:
It was cool seeing Dan, Mike and Cynthia outside of the RW show, the only Worlder that was at suspicious was Dan.
Effie is already showing that she is going to be a quitter, I just hope that it does cause too much problems.
Emily is Skiing like a Pro

What Kata had to say about the episode:
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Original Air Date: July 22, 1996
    Mission #2 begins with Tim entering the RW Miami house and finding Mike, Cynthia and Melissa at home, and more than a bit suspicious of the whole scheme. However, the rest of the group does follow Tim inside, and begins their "maintenance" of the house -- thoroughly inspecting the house and later ordering the RW-ers to not use any of the electrical outlets in the house.
    While most of the group is distracting the housemates inside, Devin and Effie head outside to try and snatch the 8-ball. The whole mission seems to be taking longer than it should, and Tim begins to get a bit nervous. However, Devin gets the 8-ball just in time, and the group hightails it out of the house just as the housemates really begin to wonder how legit these people are.
    After returning the car and the props, the group receives their next mission, via the receipt at the prop shop to head to Okahumpka, FL and water-ski. After they receive their clue, the group heads to the hostel once again to plan their budget. As expected, more than a few squabbles take place over the money.
    The group arrives at the water-skiing place in Okahumpka and finds out that each of the five of them will have to do a different form of water-skiing in order for them to successfully complete the mission. Effie goes first, choosing the kneeboard which is supposedly the easiest. However, she has serious problems with skiing and allows Devin to go next on the wakeboard. Devin isn't much more successful, but as the day progresses, they realize that the weather (cold and windy) is only going to impair them, so the water-skiing instructor decides to call off the skiing until the next morning.
    The group heads to a campground, where the group spends the night. It turns out that it is Valentine's Day and Devin and Emily have a long talk on the top of the Winnie, with Emily explaining to Devin that he is the first black friend she's ever had.
    Emily, Tim, and Christian have considerable success in the morning, despite Tim's wipeouts with the ramp. Effie decides that she wants to try again, this time with more success. Devin also tries again with similar results. All that remains of this mission is to have someone ski past a plastic container in the water which contains their next clue. Emily retrieves the clue easily and the group heads to the Winnie to listen to their clue.
    The clue directs them to Mardi Gras where they will be riding in the parade of the year at the party of the year...

What Andrea had to say about the episode:
    The groups next clue sends them to Okahumpka, Florida to try a well rounded, water-skiing challenge. Each person must choose from 5 events and complete one of them. Christian will barefoot, Emily will slalom, Devin will wake-board, Effie will Boogie- board, and Timmy will try the ski jump. But Effie and Devin fail to complete their events the first time, and because of weather conditions the group is sent home for the day.
    That night Devin and Emily climb up on the Winnie to have a very personal conversation ranging from sex to basketball players, to Valentines day. "I think he was trying to plant a seed in my head," States Emily. "H e said, I figure two people were chosen to hook up on this trip and I think it was me and you." Is this turning into romance? The next day the group heads back to try and finish the mission. Emily, Christian, and Timmy finish with flying colors. Devin and Effie say they have to try again and finally they both complete their part in the mission. This happy bunch seems to be getting along great!

What MTV had to say about the episode:


    Disguised as a cleaning/maintenance crew, the Road Rules gang drives their undercover Honda minivan to the Real World house to steal the 8-ball from their pool table. Once the Real World cast buys his cover story, the rest of the Road Rules gang charges into the house and begins to create a diversion. Devin takes advantage of the confusion to slip outside and grab the 8-ball from the pool table. The Road Rulers get kicked out, but they escape with their prize. Mission accomplished.
    After their prank, the gang returns their rented disguises and find their next clue printed on the receipt. They are instructed to visit a water-skiing school in Okahumpka, Florida. Later, the group celebrates over dinner at a local restaurant.
    When they arrive at the Sunset Lakes Ski School, they meet Jack Travers, a professional water-skiing coach. Jack tells them that they'll each have to learn a water-skiing stunt in order to accomplish their mission; kneeboarding, wakeboarding, slalom, barefoot and jumping.
    Christian starts it off by skiing barefoot, and Emily keeps the momentum going by getting up on one ski for the slalom. Tim attempts the jump and, after a few crash landings, stays on his skis to put them at three for three. Effie gets on the kneeboard and Devin shreds on the wakeboard. After they finish, they get their next clue, sending them to The Big Easy for the biggest party of the year....

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