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202: Your Mission is...

2: Steal the 8-ball

My comments:
Christian was awesome being the only one that had to nerve to help the shark.
I think that Timís bra was not the right size, he need a bigger cup.
It is about time that Real World gets put into their place.

What Kata had to say about the episode: See Episode 201

What Andrea had to say about the episode:
    Now for some real fun. After getting their next clue the team headed back to the Ft. Lauderdale Airport to get back to the Winnie. Inside held another clue to their next mission. "Your objective, to steal the eight-ball from the Real World house in Miami." Their faces light up, except for Christian. He doesnít understand what an eight-ball is! The group heads over to the house to check out the work area. Then, itís off to the costume store to get their disguise.
    Cynthia answers the door and Timmy steps right in. The group follows one at a time putting tape on every outlet and anything else that has a whole on it. And of coarse Devin has time to snag the eight-ball during all of this confusion. Better get out before the Real Worlders catch on! Mission completed.

What MTV had to say about the episode:

Your Mission is...
    Last week, in the first episode of the new season of Road Rules, we left the cast tagging sharks on Bimini, a small island off the coast of Miami. Having successfully completed their first mission, the gang decides that it's time for some R&R in the bars of North Bimini. Christian, however, has found out about some interesting local culture. He explains that the bar they'll be going to has a tradition that non-locals are expected to leave their underwear behind, hanging somewhere in the bar. The rest of the Road Rules crew seem a bit skeptical, but when they get to the bar, they find it's true: underwear is plastered everywhere.
    After spending a considerable chunk of their group fund on drinks and toasting Devin's first-ever shot of tequila, it's time to shed some underwear. Christian, Effie and Emily have "cheated" by stuffing some extra underpants in their pockets. Emily and Effie tack their panties to a wall and Christian does the same, saying good-bye to his favorite pair of Mickey-Mouse boxers. It gets a bit crazier when Devin begins dancing amid the crowd and makes a show of "disrobing". Finally, he reaches into his pants and pulls out a long, white tube sock. "That's all I need," he jokes. Tim caps off the show by ripping his shirt off to reveal a black, lacy bra stretched across his chest.
    The next morning our groggy Road Rulers are roused from their beds. It's time to go. Doc wishes the group a touching good-bye. "I've never met a group like this," he tells them, and wishes them luck on their continuing adventures. The cast is sad to leave, but they've got a plane to catch.
    After a short flight, they find themselves back in Miami. They climb back in the Winnie, where they find the clue to their next mission; a dossier telling them to swipe the 8-ball from the pool table at The Real World house without the rival cast knowing.
    After the gang checks into a Miami youth hostel, they get to work figuring out how to pull off their assignment. After a long discussion, they decide to pose as a cleaning/maintenance crew to sneak into The Real World house.

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