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1: Tag a Shark

My comments:
Right off the bat Effie is being a pain and setting the mood for the trip
It is nice to see Emily facing one of her fears and overcoming it.

What Kata had to say about the episode:
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Episode #201-202: Mission #1: Human Shark Bait Original Air Date: July 15, 1996
    The show opens in Key West, Florida with each of the cast members receiving a postcard directing them to find the southernmost point in the Continental United States. All five cast members, Emily (Emmy), Devin, Tim (Timmy), Efrat (Effie), and Christian make it to the southernmost point, and are greeted by Kit and Mark from Road Rules I, who arrive with the keys and directions to the Winnebago.
    The group reaches a supply laden Winnie a few moments later. The supplies include $1700 to last them 26 days. Inside the Winnie, the clue directs them to the Fort Lauderdale airport where they are to fly to their next destination ,to capture the infamous creatures of the deep.
    Once in Fort Lauderdale, the group boards a small plane for the Bimini Islands in the Bahamas. Once on Bimini they are met by associates of Doc Gruber of the Bimini Biological Field Station. After they arrive at the Field Station, Doc Gruber informs them of their first mission, to tag a shark.
    The group spends part of their first day as "bait" for the sharks. Tethered to a line with snorkeling gear, Doc draws the sharks to the group by throwing chum into the water near the group. Emily gets a good scare when a piece of bait lands only inches from her face and a shark goes after it. The group (Emily especially due to her fear of deep water) eventually calms down enough to enjoy the experience.
    The group returns to the field station, but is called out later when an eight and a half foot Tiger shark is spotted in the water. Efrat, Devin and Tim are all on the boat doing the tagging. The tagging is successful, and as the shark sinks to the bottom, Christian is daring and dives to the bottom to push it along.
    The tagging done successfully, the group and Doc return to the Field Station for a group dinner and presentation. Christian is presented with the first of five Road Keys in the shape of a shark. These Road Keys fit into the puzzle in the Winnie and are the keys to the "handsome reward" at the end of the adventure. The group heads to a bedroom and finds their next clue on tape. It directs them to the mainland to find their next information.
    Afterwards, the group heads out for a night on the town to the Sand Bar, where the local tradition is to leave a momento of yourself in the form of a piece of underwear. The group parties and ends up spending over a hundred dollars on drinks. Everyone in the group donates a portion of underwear, including Tim and his bra. =) Emily and Kelly (from the field station) seem to be getting closer and closer. Devin waits for the couple to return with a concerned "big brother" sort of attitude.
    The next morning a hung-over and tired group heads back to Fort Lauderdale to find their next mission--to break into the Real World Miami house and steal the 8 ball from their pool table without getting caught or revealing their Road Rules status.
    In Miami, the group spends the night in a hostel, planning their crime from the information they've been given. After settling on a maintenance/cleaning scheme, the group goes to a prop shop for outfitting, and to a car dealer for an undercover car. Tim will be the first to enter the house, and then the rest of the group will follow.
    The episode ends with Tim finding the front door of the RW house unlocked.

What Andrea had to say about the episode:
    "Head to the Southern most point of the US". This was the first clue that all 5 members, of Road Rules Season 2, received. Emily Bailey, an eighteen year old farm girl from Flora, Illinois; Devin Elston, an eighteen year old African American from Cleveland, Ohio; Timmy Beggy, a twenty-two year old comedian from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Christian Brevik, a twenty-one year old business student from Norway; and Effie, a twenty-three year old Jewish girl from Israel, all met to embark on the most unforgettable journey of their lives. After all introducing themselves a speeding car drove up and inside was Season oneís Kit and Mark. They held the keys to the trusty Winnie.
    After finally finding the Winnie, the group soon boarded a flight to Bimini, a small island in the Bahamas. There the group would help tag the most feared creatures of the deep, SHARKS! Doc Gruber took them all out into the water to get some "up close" encounters. Hanging onto a rope they watched each shark snag a piece of meat only 10 feet away from their faces. Then that night it was time to tag the sharks! Doc told everyone a Great White was just found about 2 miles out from shore. Effie, Devin, and Timmy were on the tagging boat, and Christian and Emily were on the observing boat. As soon as the shark was tagged it was released, but it wouldnít move. So thatís when brave, old Christian swam down and gave our little shark friend a push. Little did he know the shark was about two feet away from biting off his leg. Now, all that work makes you tired, but never too tired to party. The group headed to a club to do a little drinking, and dancing, oh yeah, and some spending. Kelley, a shark lab helper, got a little friendly with Emily, but she wasnít complaining. Devin, on the other hand, was getting a little jealous.

What MTV had to say about the episode:


    As Road Rules gears up for a second cross-country adventure, an all-new cast gathers in Key West Florida, ready to begin their trek: Tim, from Pittsburgh, PA; Emily, from Flora, IL; Christian, from Norway; Effie from Israel; and Devin, from Cleveland Heights, OH.
    On a sun drenched morning, they meet at the southernmost point of the United States and introduce themselves. No sooner have they learned each others' names than a sportscar races toward them and screeches to a stop. The new Road Rulers are shocked to see that the driver and passenger are Mark and Kit, the happy loving couple from last season. The former Road Rulers pass the baton by handing Emily the keys to the Winnie and explaining that they have to find their vehicle and they don't have much time.
    As the sportscar screeches off, the new Road Rules team grabs their gear and heads off to look for the Winnie, which they find a few blocks away. Along with a treasure-trove of clothes and equipment, the group finds an audio cassette with their first clue. When they pop it into the Winnie's tape deck, they learn that they have only a few hours to catch a plane to the Bahamas, where they are to meet the infamous Doc Gruber and help him capture the most feared creatures of the deep!

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