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17: Maze

What MTV had to say about the episode:
As the team heads into their final mission, the group has splintered. Kendal is still depending on Eric despite the fact that they aren't together anymore and their relationship is driving Rachel crazy. She decides to separate herself from Kendal instead of having to deal with the both of them. When Kendal asks Rachel if she's done anything wrong, the two have a heart to heart and agree to rekindle their friendship.

The final mission involves blindfolds, the RV suspended in the air, a maze and trust. With Darrell as their guide, the road rulers must make it through a suspended obstacle course while blindfolded. With only a few minor stumbles, everyone makes it through except for Shane who can't seem to make it across the balance beam. After several tries, he finally succeeds and the team wins their handsome reward--a trip around the world!

With that, the trip is over and everyone starts to realize that their time together is short. They have a final meal together and tell each other how they feel about the experience and each other. They all leave the RV different, stronger, better than they were when they first arrived and thankful for their own adventure of a lifetime.

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