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16: RW/RR Wrestling

What MTV had to say about the episode:
Once again, the Road Rules and Real World casts clash against one another in this season's next to last mission. This time, the road takes them to Lake Mead, Nevada. When the cast arrives, they find two beautifully decorated houseboats that contain a wide range of amenities including a Jacuzzi and love room. Just as the Road Rulers are getting settled, The Real World cast arrives and the two competing teams greet one another. Eric is immediately attracted to Trishelle and she to him in return. Trishelle informs Raquel that she's "going to hook up with him. I'm calling it." This connection doesn't go unnoticed by Kendal who is still stinging from Eric dumping her. Raquel warns Eric about Trishelle's man-eater persona. Eric ignores it all though and chooses to hook up with Trishelle anywhere and everywhere much to Kendal's discomfort. But the two casts are really here to do a face-off. Road Rules handily wins the first event, a floating tug of war. RW makes a huge comeback in the next event. The object was to drink as many fluids as possible without urinating or vomiting. The Real World team prided themselves on being huge drinkers and Frank and Alton show their urinary muscles by holding it in while everyone else folded. The final competition was a wrestling match between various cast members in pools containing a wide variety of food toppings and sauces. With strategy and brute strength, The Real Worlders catch the surprising victory making the first ever Real World cast to win a RW/RR Face-Off.

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