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15: Real World Prank

What MTV had to say about the episode:
The time honored tradition of pranking The Real Worlders is upon us and the Road Rulers are more than game. But this isn't just stealing a robotic pet or pretending to be a cleaning crew to gain access to a beachfront house. This is Mission: Impossible. How do you get into a house on a floor with a secret code and security all around AND get a picture of a Real World castmember handcuffed to their tub when castmembers aren't allowed to take pictures during shooting?

The first thing you should do is throw out any plans created by guys named Eric. Hey Eric, the art of seduction only works if your name is Bond, James Bond. We know James Bond, you're no James Bond. So, after the first plan fails, the Real Worlders are aware that Road Rules is in the hizzouse and are on the lookout for 6 kids trying to screw with them. Then comes Eric's new brilliant plan, pretend to be staff members.

Now, let's just take a moment to note that we're really hurt that Eric and Shane think that bandannas, ball caps and cheap laminates are all that's necessary to become a dot-commer. Obviously, they have forgotten how sexy, stylish, and professional (did we mention sexy?) we are. Thankfully security and Real World Producer Tracy were still enamored with the memories of our presence and scuttled away the pretenders. We love you guys but you deserved it. Imitate us? Never!

Next course of action. Raquel remembers that she met Steven at an Open Call in Texas and that they had talked a bit. So Darrell comes up with a plan where the gang will come up with some decoys to confuse the Real Worlders while Raquel and Rachel pretend to just be in Vegas hanging out and want to spend some time with Steven. This seems like the plan to choose as long as everyone gets along. And yes, Steven being weak around the women ends up handcuffed with a telephone stolen from the room. Good on ya, Road Rulers!

And Eric, don't make us won't like us when we're angry.

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