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What MTV had to say about the episode:
With her twenty-second birthday just days away, Kendal expresses that her father's suicide just before she turned twelve causes her to "freak out" each year as the big day approaches. "I crave attention more during my birthday than any other time of the year," she explains. When the big day finally arrives, Kendal drowns her sorrows at a club called Fumbles, dancing and drinking the night away. Eric attempts to be her support and watch over her during this trying time, but she keeps pushing him further and further away. Raquel and Rachel don't understand why Eric can't just give her the space she wants and needs. The team has been wondering why the two of them have been together for a long time since it seems they enjoy fighting with each other almost every night.

In the midst of all this emotional chaos, the mission for the team to escape straightjackets while hanging from a bungee cord. Each person has 90 seconds to get free or else they will be dropped. Four of the six have to finish in order for them to win. When Eric and Darrell fail to escape, its Rachel who pulls through and easily gets free from her jacket to complete another mission and collect more prizes.

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