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13: Sex Quiz

What MTV had to say about the episode:
Rachel feels like her breaking up with Amy before the trip was a bad decision. Her quick relationship with Darrell has only served to prove that she's in love with Amy. She's really hurt that Amy is dating a man and is enjoying that they can be 'out' in public about their involvement. With Amy coming to visit soon, she is hoping that she can convince her that they need to be together.

Meanwhile, The team heads to the University of Arizona where they have to take a "Sex Quiz". Darrell is confident that he will do well because he is the self-professed "King of Sex" and he knows so much more than everyone else. The reality is that while he may have done the deed a lot more than others, he doesn't know that much about it. He has to spin the wheel of gross stuff 3 times and gets to spread skunk poo over his face, hold scorpions in his hands and eat maggot caviar. But, despite his lack of sex smarts, he completes every challenge and the team beats the mission earning 6,000 dollars.

When Amy arrives, Rachel's demeanor completely changes. She is happy and overwhelmed with her presence. She does everything in her power to prove to Amy that she wants to be with her, that she will be her rock and that she isn't letting her get away. After some discussion of it, Amy agrees to try being together again and the two kiss and snuggle on top of the RV and under the stars.

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