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12: Exotic Eating

What MTV had to say about the episode:
As the Road Rulers roll into the University of Texas - El Paso (UTEP), they find that they may have traded away their weakest member for someone cut from the same cloth. Raquel isn't rough and tumble like Rachel and she doesn't seem to have the surprising competitiveness of Kendal. She's all girl and no grrrl and she likes it that way. Kendal does like that there is a little more estrogen on the trip, Eric seems blinded by her cuteness, yet Raquel's not exactly the wonder woman that Shane, Darrell and Rachel were hoping for. She washes dishes, disinfects the RV and doesn't want to do anything gross.

So, of course, her first mission with the team is do what is probably the grossest Road Rules event to date. In the Cattle Cook Off, they have to prepare uncommonly eaten parts of a cow and then eat what they've made. Cow brains, Cow testicles, Cow penis anyone? The girls choose to cook and pull together what is a relatively appetizing looking meal of tacos and pasta featuring the cow parts. The boys must eat it all in 30 minutes. The mix of spice and testes provides for way too many spew worthy moments to mention. Just understand that it was disgusting and the guys were all about upchucking for the duration but they complete it with flare, licking their plates clean with nearly a minute to spare.

The girls are then surprised to find out that they have to eat a Cow penis smoothie as prepared by the guys. Its a chunky, warm mush in a glass and the girls have at it. With only 15 minutes to complete this part of the mission, Kendal goes at the penis like a champ finishing with tons of time to spare. Rachel and Raquel have a much harder time but pull through even with Raquel complaining and vomiting throughout. The team leaves UTEP feeling like they can depend on her and that they are truly a family aboard the RV.

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