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Episode 11: SURFING TO GOODBYE …. Continued

11: Car Surfing continued

What MTV had to say about the episode:
The group remains deadlocked as they decide whether or not to vote someone off or give up their prizes. Kendal makes a pitch to keep the group together but once its clarified that if they remain in a tie one person will be removed randomly, Rachel decides to change her vote. They quickly decide that Sarah will be the one to go and she starts to pack. Shane and Eric leave the RV while Rachel and Kendal agonize over what's happened. Sarah tells Rachel she understands even though its not what she would've done and comforts Kendal who, surprisingly, has become her biggest supporter and closest friend. They finally say goodbye to Sarah but her departure has left trouble in its wake.

Eric's stern stance on sending Sarah home has Kendal rethinking how she feels about him. She expected more from him and she is choosing to shut him off while she figures out how she feels. Rachel feels caught in the middle of a bad soap opera as the two both want to take a break from each other but aren't willing to say it. They finally come to terms with it and decide to break it off. Kendal warns Eric though that if he tries to hook up with the 'new girl' she'll kill him.

The new girl is Raquel. She's 18 and from Austin, Texas and at first looks it seems as if they have traded Sarah for someone with similar competitive spirit. Where Sarah wasn't gung ho about physical missions, Raquel may be even less equipped. She's a self-professed girly-girl who is obsessed with cleanliness. Not exactly the grunt that the team was hoping for. But maybe that's okay as all the boys are enamored with her good looks and her penchant for cheating on boyfriends. Welcome to the Road, Raquel...have you thrown out your rules yet?

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