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11: Car Surfing

What MTV had to say about the episode:
The gang rolls into Lubbock, Texas for a little car surfing. They are immediately nervous about this mission as they have to be able to drive stick and several of them can't. Sarah and Shane are particularly reminiscent of Coral and Mike during the Battle of the Seasons challenge, gung ho and ready to go but unable to compete effectively. The team winds up losing the mission and must once again decide between giving up prizes or getting rid of a castmember. Having racked up quite a few prizes at this point, including about 3000 in cash each and a grand in clothes, its not as easy a decision as it was when it was just a scooter. Well, its not as easy for some folks. While Kendal is making lists and Shane is agonizing over it, Eric is pretty okay with voting to vote someone off.

While everyone works to make up their minds about the situation, Sarah feels like her vote doesn't count. She understands why they would want to vote her off but she isn't ready to leave yet. She's making friends and having an amazing experience and its hard for her to sit with her fate in the hands of everyone else. When the group gets together to make their decisions, Eric quickly votes that he wants to vote someone off. Kendal, who really wants to debate the issue, is pissed that he could be so flippant about it. Shane also votes to vote a castmember off and Rachel asks to table her vote until she hears what Kendal has to say. As Kendal explains her position, the group still hasn't decided what they will do. To be continued...

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