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10: Bungee Juming

What MTV had to say about the episode:
The gang rolls into Texas for the Dean's List Bungee. They have to find pairs of people to jump with them that have something in common (like a librarian and a student with overdue library books...get it? Good!). It proves more difficult than it seems as they have trouble finding a physics professor to jump with Sarah. Which is probably the worst thing to happen as Sarah is gung ho about this mission. She wants to go "balls to the wall" on her bungee. Eventually she finds a physics prof to join in and give us an excellent explanation of gravitational force and kinetic energy that might have been about bungee jumping or might have been his recipe for meatloaf. Does anybody know anything about Physics? So the team completes the mission and wins more prize money but they are informed that they can win some trip money if they complete a mini-mission. Unable to find a dean to jump with them, they go with an athletics coach to get the lesser cash award. Which sucks because they are desperate for some real money. Kendal explains they've been surviving on baked potatoes and not much else and Darrell has taken to rummaging through the trash for a meal.

Meanwhile, Shane's not confused about his sexuality but everybody else is. Sarah remarks that he's completely homosexual during the day but heterosexual at night. Shane reveals however that it has more to do with just being out of his element and not having other gay men to talk to and interact with. Plus he came out to his parents right before he left for this trip and dealing with that is adding tension and frustration in his life. And it probably doesn't help matters much that Darrell doesn't consider him his friend because Shane is gay. The two get the chance to bond a bit though when they both enter a strip contest at a gay club. The goal is to make some money and the 200 dollar 1st place prize is enough for Darrell to get past his homophobia for a night. Shane wins first and Darrell gets second and the two make a connection that gets Darrell past his prejudice. The two are friends and hopefully will stay that way.

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