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8: Reptile Challenges

What MTV had to say about the episode:
As the Road Rulers continue making their way across the country, they are finding that assumptions they made early on aren't the realities of the day. Sarah, once the outcast of the group, is now bonding strongly with Kendal. Kendal doesn't want to see Sarah go should they lose another challenge and Sarah is shocked to find that the 'sorority girl' cares about her. Rachel, meanwhile, is realizing that maybe she isn't over her girlfriend at home. While its been nice cuddling with Darrell and having someone to lean on, her heart is still in Florida.

But, the team doesn't have time to process the changes that are happening - they have a hell night to go through. They enter Tulane University and are greeted by James from Road Rules Maximum Velocity Tour. He informs them that in order to join the Fraternal Order of Road Rules they must complete challenges similar to ones that past casts have gone through. It includes playing with snakes, alligators and bugs. The group makes it through without much of a problem but it is a pleasant surprise for everyone that Sarah is a star in this mission and actually is able to help Kendal find the confidence to complete the challenge.

Afterwards, Sarah is feeling a lot more comfortable with her role in the team and Kendal is happy that she's found someone she can confide in besides Eric. Rachel and Darrell agree to cool it off and just be friends. Darrell's a little confused by it all but he is happy that he doesn't have to feel guilty when he is out talking to other women something he is more than happy to do while they stay in N'awlins.

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