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What MTV had to say about the episode:
Having squeaked past the Dot-commers in Atlanta, the Road Rulers seem poised to become a complete team, with everyone a full-fledged member and no one fearing being voted out. Shane continues to go big for the team, and Sarah is feeling much more comfortable with everyone and her status in the group. As they enter Alabama for their next mission, they are all having fun... until Shane slaps Darrell. It was in fun as they all joked around, prank-calling Shane's friends, but Darrell is not cool with having someone hit him in the face. He leaves the RV rather than doing something he will regret later. When the two are paired together in the balancing challenge, the tensions mount - especially when Shane teases like he's going to grab Darrell's behind. But by the end of the mission, Shane and Darrell have worked through their differences and are friends once again.

Meanwhile, Sarah explains why her family disowned her and how that has affected her. Rachel is impressed with Sarah's ability to take care of herself but wonders why she can't have that same energy and commitment during missions. And again, Sarah fails to complete a mission as she drops from the challenge. The rest of the team has to compensate for her failure, and it's wearing on them. Shane thinks it sucks. While the rest of the team continues to compete, Sarah meets the Thursday Nite Posse, a group that claims to have stolen the horns off the RV. She calls the police on them, and they eventually get their horns back, but it's not really enough to satisfy the rest of her teammates, and Rachel says that the next time they lose a mission, "Sarah is gone."

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