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6: Hip Hop Dance Contest

What MTV had to say about the episode:
Welcome to Atlanta, where the playas play! The Road Rulers roll onto the Clark-Atlanta campus to find out that not only will they once again be competing for the elusive $6,000, but that they will also be competing against another team. Once again, has fielded a group of six whose soul mission is to bring down the Roadies. There's no love in this game as the de facto leader of the Dot-commers, Sam, asks the RR squad if they are ready to lose.

The mission itself is a step competition being hosted by hip-hop's dynamic duo, Outkast. Each team has to come up with a step routine that will be judged by members of the CAU Greek organizations. Shane isn't taking the mission seriously and is constantly messing up while they go through the grueling practices. It's perhaps not the best time for him to start taking things lightly, as he has found himself in Sarah's old position as the outsider of the group. Shane is uncomfortable with the coupling up that has gone on in the RV and is maybe taking it out on the others a bit, making snarky comments about his teammates. When he and Eric go to spy on the Dot-com team, though, Shane realizes that the competition is going to be tough and spends the night practicing (to the approval of the rest of the team).

With a full auditorium as their audience, both teams perform. The Dot-commers succeed at getting the crowd hyped, and what they lack in synchronization and grace, they make up for in fun and energy. The Road Rulers are nervous about their performance, but come out strong. While not as crowd-pleasing, their performance is a bit crisper and a lot more intricate, and they get bonus points for much man-nakedness. The RR team wins by 1 point and goes home with the dough. After a great show by Outkast, the two teams decide to go on a night on the town together, letting bygones be bygones.

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