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4: Stunt Driving

What MTV had to say about the episode:
So you know that there's something going on with Kendal and Eric. Eric 'wants Kendal's nuts,' as Sarah so delicately put it, but Kendal's not so sure about Eric. He’s growing on her, but he’s kind of a dork and she doesn’t really know how she wants to deal with it. What you probably didn’t know, though, is that there’s also something going on with Darrell and Rachel. Rachel, who has a girlfriend at home, admits that she considers herself 'a straight woman who has a girlfriend.' As time passes on this trip, she finds herself getting closer and closer to Darrell. They cuddle at night, they lay over and around each other, and they flirt. They flirt probably even more than Eric and Kendal do.

Meanwhile, the gang arrives at Clemson University and learn that their next mission is to roll a car just like stuntmen do in movies. They have to do 3 complete car rolls between the six of them. Even with Rachel and Kendal unable to flip their cars at all, the Roadies have a chance to win when Darrell, Eric and Shane all get their cars over. Shane actually does one complete roll, showing that he is the MVP of the group. When Sarah gets her turn, she tries valiantly, but can’t get the car over. The team must now decide whether to give up their prizes or vote someone off. They choose to give up the Aprilia Scooters, but Rachel says that if they lose again, 'they are going to have to make a change, because the losing is no fun.'

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