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3: Freshman 15

What MTV had to say about the episode:
Sarah feels like she is the weak link in the group. The rest of the team are physically active. They jog in the mornings, do exercising together and have already started to form bonds and friendships. Sarah isn’t ready yet to make that commitment. She’s not a sporting fool. Her relationship with her family has made her not trustworthy of people. When the group confronts her about not making the effort to be a part of the group, she breaks down and explains it all to them, hoping that they will understand.

Meanwhile, Eric and Kendal aren’t a couple but they sure act like it. When Kendal talks about calling her ex-boyfriend, Eric is noticeably upset. Eric continues to flirt with her but Kendal is putting up a wall even though its obvious to everyone that she is attracted to him. She claims she’s just not mentally ready for a relationship with Eric right now but when Eric flirts with other girls, Kendal is jealous.

The roadies drive to the University of South Carolina for their third mission, The Freshman 15. After they eat a huge meal, they are told that they have 4 hours to gain a cumulative 15 pounds. They all go around campus asking people for food. They devour hot pockets and beefaroni and burgers off a George Foreman grill. After four hours, they are able to gain the 15 pounds with Sarah being the teammate that puts them over the top. She proves that she can contribute to the team and the group wins scooters leaving USC on a high note as they continue on their journey.

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