Season 11 Episodes
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1: Polar Plunge
2: Lean on Me

What MTV had to say about the episode:
Campus Crawl begins with the 6 cast members getting picked up on a yellow school bus somewhere in the backwoods of North Carolina. We quickly meet everyone and find out that Darrell likes to box, Rachel thinks that she’s been put in some kind of fraternity/sorority House, Eric thinks Kendal is hot, Kendal likes to wear a furry coat, Sarah doesn’t like girls and Shane 'likes the girls but really likes the guys.'

The gang’s first mission is called the Polar Plunge. They must dive into nearly freezing water to recover the keys that will open the Woodie. The guys all get down to their skivvies and Sarah and Kendal take off their shirts and the crowd around them delights in their nakedness. Shane doesn’t pay attention to their instructions and jumps in the pond early dragging just about everyone else in and they all swim frantically to get the keys.

Once they are inside the RV, they learn that they will be visiting college campuses all over the United States. They also learn that if they fail missions they will have the option to either give up their prizes or vote a teammate off. Rachel and Kendal are both uncomfortable with the rule. They didn’t come to win prizes, they came to have fun. Rachel suggests that they make a pact that they will always vote to get rid of their prizes. Shane pipes in and says, “But what if we win cars?” They decide to wait on making that kind of decision until they see what kind of prizes they are going to win.

That night, Eric and Kendal end up sleeping on the pull out bed in the main part of the woodie, while Shane is asleep on the floor in a sleeping bag. While the lights are out, Shane whispers, “What are ya’ll doing…I heard the sheets rustling, I know what was going on.” Eric offers that if Shane wants to come up and cuddle, he can. They joke about the flirting going on between Eric and Kendal and Shane offers that he will be their human chastity belt.

Their next mission is Lean On Me. It’s a kind of extreme Trust exercise. The group must go in pairs across a wire walk 108 feet above the ground. Rachel and Shane go first and successfully make it across. Sarah and Darrell are next and because Sarah isn’t ready to trust anyone on this trip yet, they fall. Eric and Kendal go next and then they fall as well. In the heat of the moment, Kendal kisses Eric as they descend to the ground. Darrell and Sarah get their second and final shot at the wire walk and fall again failing the mission.

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