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13: Going Home

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What Cast Members Blair and Steve had to say about the episode:
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What MTV had to say about the episode:
    The final episode starts on a somber note as the Road Rulers realize that it's all over. Steve says his military upbringing will make him less emotional about saying goodbye. It's a really touching moment...until Ellen and Adam interrupt his interview by throwing mud at each other. It's the Dysfunctional Love Tour 2001! As Steve describes the relationship, "[Adam's] going to demean [Ellen] as much as possible and then [she] will give [him] oral sex. How does that work?" We've been trying to figure that out for 17 episodes, Steve, you're not alone.

    Adam begins the last episode tradition by crying as he crouches in his sleeping bag. The next day, the cast puts all pieces of the crest together and reminisces about what each piece meant. They eat their last meal and toast each other and the memories they've made over the past 10 weeks.In order to receive their handsome reward, the Roadies have to take the crest to McGuire Air Force base at the crack of dawn. They take a 5-hour flight over the U.S. in a KC-10, a military refueling plane. They assist in refueling a few planes and then they get to do what few ever have...see a B-2 Stealth Bomber in flight. The captain of the bomber tells them that they have to deliver the crest to General Williams at the base.

    General Williams praises their accomplishments and gives them a switchbox to open hangar 50 to finally receive the handsome reward. They run around the base searching for the hangar and when they arrive, they chant with anticipation. Blair says, "Call me the Blair Bomb. I'm just ready to explode." They flip the switch, the doors open in Let's Make A Deal style, and they see a group of new cars. Suzuki Grand Vitaras for the entire team! They are all incredibly psyched about the reward, but Blair is especially excited because he doesn't own a car. But then it's time for goodbyes. Sophia leaves first with her own personal mission of talking to her father about who she really is. Adam worries whether he will continue to be the "best Adam" when he gets home or if he will go back to being who he used to be. The rest of the gang are really proud of everything they've accomplished and will go home knowing that they've grown as people and they can do whatever they dream of. The Quest for the Crest may be over, but for these six people, their true quest is just beginning.

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