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12: War Combat

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What MTV had to say about the episode:
    The gang knows the end is near as they prepare to depart from Spain and Morocco and head back to the States. And, boy, are they glad. Eleven weeks on the road in close quarters has left them all a little tired of each other's annoying habits. So they pack their bags and head to Fort Dix for their final mission. As Ellen says, "This is the Big Dog. This is it." While Steve worries about whether or not he can cut it in the military like his father, Ellen worries about which shade of green eye shadow goes best with camouflage.

    The mission involves them being trained as a Military Medical Unit, and if they succeed, they will receive the crest of perseverance. During their tactics training, they learn how to "rush & roll" and the importance of team effort. Since they hate the smell of each other at this point, teamwork is a little difficult. Steve gets to be the leader during the practice mission. Rather than lead, however, Steve chooses to go Rambo and do it on his own. Surprise, surprise--the Rambo act doesn't work real well unless your last name is Stallone, and Steve ends up "dead" for the mission. Blair and Katie are eliminated as well and they fail the practice mission.

    The next day the Road Rulers enter a simulation in which they have to assist medics in a refugee camp. It's a shock when they enter the camp and find people with very realistic "fake" injuries who are desperate for help. The team's supplies quickly dwindle and they have to make a supply run. During their supply run, they go under fire and lose their Staff Sergeant to gunfire. Sophia screams, "He's down, he's down, we need a medic!" Steve smartly decides to continue on his task instead of trying to be the hero, and they successfully complete their mission. But the realization that this is their final mission immediately sets in.

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