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11: Duel in the Desert

My comments:
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What Cast Members Blair and Steve had to say about the episode:
None this week sorry guys.

What MTV had to say about the episode:
    The Road Rulers are shocked to learn that there are actually some beautiful estates in Morocco. They are even more shocked to find out that the Real Worlders get to stay in one of them. The Road Rules team is anxious to prove to these "wimpy New Yorker Real Worlders" that being on Road Rules is much more challenging than living in a "phat pad" in NYC. This brings us to "The Dual in the Desert," which involves several competitions between the two teams for a grand prize of $1000 per person. The Real World team gets pumped up after winning the first event, a sheep-herding contest. The Road Rulers hold a team meeting in the bus and agree that they "WILL NOT" lose to The Real World team. They exit their RV with the Road Rules flag and a new sense of unity and determination.

    Round two requires two members of each team to sleep together in a closed coffin overnight while taped together "mummy-style." Each team gets to choose two members of the opposite team to participate. The Real Worlders choose Katie and Adam and the Road Rulers choose Nicole and Rachel. Although there were tears and complaints from Nicole and Rachel, they manage to complete the mission along with Katie and Adam. The final competition is "Oil Wrestling," which will determine the winning team. After an extremely long match, Steve defeats Mike, causing a huge fight between the two teams. In round two, Ellen beats Lori in a grueling match. After seeing Lori's condition, Nicole refuses to participate. In round three, Malik and Blair decide to quit and call it even. Round four is between Rachel and Katie and will determine the winning team. The Real World team morale is way down, and therefore Katie easily defeats Rachel. Following the competition, Kevin admits to the Road Rules that he is inspired by their ability to come together as a team. Even though there was a lot of fighting, the teams part as friends. Stay tuned for next week's episode, where the Road Rulers compete for the final part of the crest.

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