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What Cast Members Blair and Steve had to say about the episode:

Steve: Here we go. Another Travelogue, another Monday, another day of babbling.Now the powers that be--mainly Blair--have delayed the production of this week's Travelogue...again, we wish him well.I know I know, everyone will be pissed now that they have to wait a few more days for the Travelogue...egads! BUT WAIT! For the past few weeks I have been reading the practices of voodoo, seances, and ESP. I will now be able to continue to do the Travelogue myself by channeling Blair--bad accent and all--through me.Okay, here goes. I must concentrate. (Imagine a dimly lit room with burning incense and candles surrounding me while I lay on a bed of flowers. The light from the candles slightly kisses my face with its dimly lit glow....and then you walk in, wearing nothing but a ....wait! Hold up, sorry! Getting into another little tantric thought of mine....okay. Deep breathes. There are candles and such around me and I go into a zone, my thoughts carry me through the murky bayou. I see Blair. He's smiling. He's on a swing set. Wow, he looks so happy and content. I then suck his essence back into the flat lands of Kansas as I start to channel him.)
Steve: Hey, Blair. What's up? How you doing?
Blair (through Steve): I'm drunk.
Steve: I'm sorry.
Blair (through Steve): No, that's a good thing.
Steve: Oh yeah,'re from Louisiana.
Blair (through Steve): So, how are you today Steven? I made some brownies today, would you like to have one?
Steve: No thank you. In a little bit.
Blair (through Steve): Wow, I'm really tan today.
Steve: That you are.
Blair (through Steve): Wow, I have a lot of muscles, I'm feeling pretty sexy today, I like this body.
Steve: Please stop touching that Blair, be respectful to the body when you're being channeled.
Blair (through Steve): Sorry, what are we supposed to be talking about today?
Steve: It's Monday, Travelogue time.
Blair (through Steve): Aren't we supposed to say that we're going to do it on Monday and then piss everyone off and then do it on Thursday?
Steve: Well usually that's the plan but I thought that I would at least forewarn the viewers and at least give them a little something to read while they wait.
Blair (through Steve): Wow, you're so caring and understanding to other people's needs Steven, you're so thoughtful.
Steve: Thank you, Blair.
Blair (through Steve): what's this episode about?
Steve: The one where people fight and argue
Blair (through Steve): Which one is that? Gotta get more specific.
Steve: The one where we fight about piddly crap.
Blair (through Steve): Again...gotta be more specific, and by the way you're doing an absolutely horrible impression of my accent right now.
Steve: I don't think people can hear it. I personally think it's dead on
Blair (through Steve): No, it's horrible. You're making me sound way too intelligent.
Steve: Anyway, in this episode, we were in Fes again. And we did the tannery thing.
Blair (through Steve): That's also when I got food poisoning.
Steve: And I made fun of you cause you had food poisoning.
Blair (through Steve): Why do I feel so exhausted?
Steve: I just ran 5 miles before I channeled you.
Blair (through Steve): Oh....Steven, why are you walking around with no pants on? Only socks?
Steve: It's part of the channeling process, and the socks...well my feet get cold.
Blair (through Steve): Do you ever wear pants?
Steve: Back in '78 I did. Okay, back to the Travelogue. We're told that we have to get back to Morocco for some unfinished business. So, we have to hop the ferry and skedaddle back to Morocco. We left Rhonda at 3 a.m. and had to drive back to the Rock of Gibralter and take the ferry, basically we all just crashed.
Blair (through Steve): I happened to notice while you were sleeping, Steve, that your shorts were unbuttoned, zipped down and belt undone...any explanations?
Steve: as we make it to Fes. You're turn Blair.
Blair (through Steve): What the hell's going on with my belly button?!?!?!
Steve: It's an have one too.
Blair (through Steve): I know but I could plant saplings in this one...dear God.
Steve: Are we ever going to get to this Travelogue?
Blair (through Steve): Listen, you channel me all the way from Louisiana--I was happy on my swing set--you're a thousand miles away, and all you want to do is get this Travelogue done. What's wrong with you?
Steve: Well, I did have a purpose in this whole thing. Blair (doing an impression of Steve through Steve): "Well lookie here, I'm Steve, (jumping and spinning) I'm so cool, I'm tan and can channel people, I'm so special.
Steve: Are you done yet? And please stop touching that.
Blair (through Steve): You know, I'm getting tired of your crap. We'll do this Travelogue later.
Steve: Well, I didn't channel you for's quite draining you know.
Blair (through Steve): I want to go home. Take me.
Steve: No…not till it's done.
Blair (through Steve): I want to go back to my swing set and I'm taking my brownies with me…or else.
Steve: What are you going to do? (Channeled Blair then proceeds to kick his own ass.)
Blair (through Steve): You're not so sexy now, huh, big boy? Huh!!!! (As Blair beats himself unconscious, he suddenly finds himself back on his swing set, in mid swing, smiling again, with a fat lip and with the Travelogue still unfinished.)
The real Blair: Dangit, I forgot something.
(Meanwhile back in Kansas.)
Steve: Wow, these brownies are really good.

What MTV had to say about the episode:
    The Road Rulers are bummed to find out that they must leave Spain to head back into Morocco. However, Katie insists that she is excited because she has never been to Morocco before. Her team is amused by the prospect of seeing Katie's face when she sees a "Moroccan Toilet." Once in Morocco, problems arise involving Adam and his insistence on being a back-seat driver to all of his teammates. During their first dinner back in Morocco, the team confronts Adam on his unwillingness to get along with the group. He puts up his usual defense, resulting in an ineffective team meeting.

    Meanwhile, the girls are not happy to learn that their next mission involves the process of making leather goods. They are even less excited when they get to the mission site and smell the disgusting aroma of dead animals and pigeon feces. Katie almost hurls several times and tells the mission leader more than once, "I don't live like this." She keeps claiming that she is quitting the mission, but never follows through with her threats. After the 14th time that she claims "I'm quitting," her team ignores her dramatic statements. One person that doesn't ignore her is the mission mayor, who keeps yelling at her to work harder. She pays for it in the end, when the mission mayor refuses to give her a full day's pay. Katie claims that she doesn't get a full day's pay because she "didn't stand in pigeon poop long enough." After the mission, Adam opens up to Sophia and Katie and tells them that he wants to grow as a person during this experience and that they should point out when he is acting unreasonably. Don't miss a great episode next week where the Road Rulers take on The Real World cast in a "Dual in the Desert.".

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