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10: Mission Impossible

My comments:
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What Cast Members Blair and Steve had to say about the episode:
Blair:Steve touched Katie's feet…and they got that on camera.
Steve:I like feet, though.
Blair:Yeah, but not Katie's feet!
Steve:Her feet are toe-tanic. She's got two big toes…on one foot. The left one is called "Toe-Tanic"--it's huge, the right one is called "Toe-ranisorus Rex." She would wear a size 3 shoe, but because of that toe, she has to wear a size 9.
Blair:If they cut off her toe, she could shop at the kids' shoe store.
Steve:When she hitchhikes, she just sticks out her toe.
Blair:That's why Steve never took Katie on a date, because he would have had to buy an extra ticket for Katie's toe.
Steve:It would have been toe-tally expensive.
Blair:This is awful. Let's talk about something else...We thought that we were going to meet up with Real Worlders in Alicante. Steve and I always tried to trick the mission mayors into telling us what we were going to do, so I went up to Roland and said, "Hey, Roland, I bet we climb better than the Real Worlders do," and he said, "Yeah." So, I thought I was much smarter than a southern boy should be and I had figured out that we were going to meet up with Real World for this mission. I also figured out that Katie's got ridiculously big toes.
Steve:So we made a vow that we're going to kick the ever lovin' sh*t out of the Real Worlders. We went to the nearest sacred ground and proceeded to sacrifice one of Katie's toes to the god of "misproportioned feet and everything else that's wrong with this world" to assure our victory against Real World.
Blair:When we got to our hotel room, we realized that we weren't meeting up with RW and we were going to infiltrate an old castle in Spain…
Steve:…and that Katie's toes are huge.
Blair:Steve--the man, the myth, the legend--wasn't featured on the show this episode because his spy skills were so extraordinary, they couldn't get footage of him. As a matter of fact, I didn't know that Steve was on the show until I woke up the next morning covered in Vaseline with Steve spooning me. Now keep in mind the Vaseline was used for something other than what you guys are thinking…
Steve:Yeah, we used it for sex, not sunburn.
Blair:No, we had to use it to lube up Katie's toes to fit through the RV door. After that exhausting process, we kind of just fell asleep next to each other.
Steve:The reason Katie came in last place in the Mission Impossible mission was because we thought she could just scale the walls with her toes.
Blair:No, actually, she was our escape route…we thought we could just sit on the edge of the wall and hang her feet over so we could slide down her toes.
Steve:This is the best Travelogue ever because we actually have a point instead of just random babbling.
Blair:So what did happened in Alicante?
Steve:Nothing as interesting as Katie's toes.

What MTV had to say about the episode:
    There is another romance blossoming in the RV. It seems that Katie and Steve have taken a liking to one another, even though Katie has a boyfriend at home. Katie insists that she and Steve are "just friends," but the rest of the Road Rules team would probably beg to differ.

    The next mission takes place in Spain once again. The first clue indicates that the mission will involve more climbing. The Road Rulers are excited to climb again with the exception of Katie, who has no climbing experience. Everyone is pretty worried after Katie freaks out and starts crying during practice. However, Steve comforts her while she is attempting to climb up a steep mountain. Everyone is stoked when they find out that this mission will require them to act as "Secret Agents--Mission Impossible-style." Their mission, if they choose to accept it, is to recover a lost crest from inside a guarded castle. They are given incognito black outfits, night vision goggles, climbing gear and smoke cans. After scaling the outside wall of the fortress, they team sends Ellen down a small pipe to retrieve the key to the castle. The most difficult part of the mission is recovering the crest from a barricade of laser beams, which sets off a security alarm if triggered. The team chooses Katie to climb between the laser beams, but she has problems getting through. Finally, the guys decide to lift the entire platform, hoping to raise the laser lights as well. The plan backfires, the alarm goes off, Steve grabs the crest, and the team runs like crazy towards the RV with the castle guards in close pursuit. Somehow, they make it to the RV without being caught and complete the mission successfully.

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