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9: Bungee jump with strangers

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What Cast Members Blair and Steve had to say about the episode:
Blair:Ronda is where Steve had sex. I'm gonna talk about that.
Steve:No you're not.
Blair:Hell yeah, I am! I was going to talk about the bungee mission, but I'd rather talk about Steve having sexual relations with a lady friend.
Steve:You can't prove anything!
Blair:Even better, I want to talk about this girl that Steve met at McDonald's and had Chicken McNuggets with…and when I say Chicken McNuggets, I mean SEX!
Steve:Hey, Sophia got some too.
Blair:Yeah? With who?
Steve:Let's talk about that instead. We can talk about that.
Blair:No, we're talking about YOU having sex. The ladies will like that. Do you have anything to say before I open up the Pandora's Box of Pleasure?
Steve:No, I'm going to plead the fifth. I have absolutely no idea what he's talking about. This is like a fish story, it gets bigger and bigger every time it gets told.
Blair:And by bigger and bigger you mean…cut out all those sexual innuendos, Steve! And in the words of Color Me Badd…Let's talk about sex!! As I was saying, Steve had sex with an American girl.
Steve:In Ronda, we ran into about 25 college kids from Kansas, traveling abroad. I kind of knew two of them.
Blair:Which one did you have sex with?
Steve:I don't know what you're talking about…my sister reads this thing!!
Blair:Since he's not gonna talk, I'll fill you in. Steve was really excited either because we passed the bungee mission, or because we finally met some girls who spoke English…and had all their teeth. Whatever the reason, Steve decided to play "Hide the Salami." I totally respect him for having sex with this girl…anybody who will sit through Steve's stories deserves to get a free ticket on the "S" train. Hey, if Katie wasn't going to give it up to him, he had to get something from somebody. Myself on the other hand…continued to use the other hand.
Steve:I can tell you one funny thing. There was also this Swedish girl in Ronda who was very much into me.
Blair:This is not the girl you had sex with…
Steve:No, this is another one.
Blair:Oh, there are so many…just had to clear that up.
Steve:So me and the Swedish girl are outside and she's looking at me saying, "take me, take me"…with her eyes…or it could have been glaucoma. Anyway, she's completely hitting on me saying that the boys in Sweden aren't as cute as me and I respond by…
Blair:sticking my tongue down her throat.
Steve:No. Being the dorky Steve that I am, I say, "You know the Gross National Product in Sweden and the standard of living is the highest in the world?"
Blair:Which is why you tend to date and impress high school geography teachers. You pick up girls in libraries a lot or Internet cafes, don't you?
Steve:Yeah, I like to hang in the reference section.
Blair:Katie and Ellen were kinda pissed off that all the American girls were talking to us. It was sweet!
Steve:We didn't have to buy a single drink that night.
Blair:You never have to buy a drink because you're sexy.
Steve:Aww, you're just saying that to be nice.

What MTV had to say about the episode:
    Ellen attempts to bond with Sophia, but Sophia isn't into it. She tells Ellen that she has to trust someone to be close to them. The other Road Rulers think that Sophia and Ellen have more in common than anyone else on the team, but the two girls don't see that. Meanwhile, the Road Rulers are faced with one of their most difficult missions to date. They must each convince a stranger to bungee jump with them in tandem within six hours. The tricky part is that the total age of the six strangers much be at least 300, which means the average age of each stranger must be 50. On top of that, they are looking for these strangers in a quaint village town in rural Spain.

    Ellen takes control and really pulls through for the team on this mission. She is the first to find a bungee partner and also tries to help her teammates find partners. The funny thing is that the guys all find 50ish women to jump with and the girls find older men. Sophia is the last to find a partner. At the last minute, she finds a man in his sixties who is willing to jump. As they prepare to leap off the platform, Sophia chickens out and grabs the railing. The man jumps without her, jerking Sophia off the platform. They end up flailing around like rag dolls--a scary sight, but luckily, everyone is ok. Back at the bus, Sophia and Ellen have a heart-to-heart talk about their fear of being rejected by their families because of choices they have made. They both end up in tears, and are surprised to learn how similar their situations are. Sophia concludes by saying that she does care for Ellen after all. Stay tuned for more emotional drama next week, as the team gets on Adam again for his aggressive behavior.

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