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7: Human Tower

My comments:
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What Cast Members Blair and Steve had to say about the episode:

Blair: OK, we promised last time to talk more about Katie. Go ahead, dude. You should talk more, because you had the relationship with her. The meaness that comes out of his mouth directed towards Katie is only because of the fluttering luv butterflies in his stomach.
Steve: It's just gas.
Blair: To quote the immortal, but elusive Steve from Road Rules 10, "It's kind of like the girl you like in 2nd grade and beat up on her because you have a crush on her."
Steve: Or it could be like the girl you can't stand in 2nd grade because she drinks a lot and smells like smoke.
Blair: But it's all in the name of reality TV lovin'. So, let me open up the forum. Steve, why don't you say something about your lady friend, Katie?
Steve: If I had to say something about Katie, I'd say, she's…
Blair: She actually has on overabundance of Y chromosomes. As in, "Why did God give me so many brain cells…I actually have to use these things?"
Steve: Let's just say, Katie's not the type of person I could play chess or checkers with…or simple math.
Blair: Come on, Steve. You gotta admit, whenever you look at Katie, you get a little twitch in your trousers.
Steve: [Silence]
Blair: But we love her to death. We only make fun of her because we care about her.
Steve: No, we just know she won't get it. Don't get the wrong idea. Katie really is a smart girl…just lacking in common sense.
Blair: Later on, I caught him making out with his forearm. Steve has an advantage everywhere we go because everyone thinks Steve is a Backstreet Boy. Whereas, I look exactly like the majority of the Caucasian population of America.
The mission:
Steve: The merengue mission was in Villa Nova (which is pronounced how it sounds unless you're Jisela talking to me which would be, "Bee-la-Noba, asshole."
Blair: Which is ironically Enrique Iglesias' lesser-known brother's cousin's new single. But regardless of the pronunciation, it's definitely a beautiful place.
Steve: At the food fight, we got a little teary-eyed because we were reminded of Jisela with all the incessant screaming and yelling by all the little kids.
Blair: Yeah, the little kids wouldn't go down the steps because their "lives were more important than that." Everybody reading this, I want you to close your eyes and ask yourselves: When was the last time you were hit in the eye with an egg thrown by a jacked-up sugar-crazed "because I just ate five hundred pounds of merengue" man-child from five feet away?
Steve: This was the greatest time in my entire life.
Blair: Oh, I see, you're going to steal my line now so you can get on TV! I'm the king of "in my life!"
Steve : No, I'm not stealing your line to get on TV, I'm stealing your line to get on the Internet.
Blair: It was really cool because we got to have this massive food fight and we didn't even get kicked out of the lunch room.

What MTV had to say about the episode:
    Ellen is in the doghouse again after Blair overhears a phone conversation where she rips apart her teammates. And to make matters worse, Ellen leaves a similarly negative e-mail open on the computer screen for all to see. Her teammates have had it with her and her deceptive behavior and decide to confront her. She gets defensive and doesn't understand why everyone is picking on her.

    Meanwhile on the next mission, the Road Rulers must exhibit trust during a human tower competition in front of thousands of Spanish locals. Ironically, the team must depend on Ellen to climb to the top and lift a little boy onto her shoulders in order to complete the mission. The team gets frustrated during practice when Ellen predictably shows off, causing the tower to fall. Suddenly, things turn around for Ellen. After a few days of soul searching, Ellen changes her attitude and manages to pull through for the team, completing the mission without falling. She reacts by saying, "I really feel like in this mission, I earned my spot on this team." The group bonds over an emotional dinner and Ellen thanks her teammates for having such a positive effect on her and for their honesty.

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