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6: Baking a pie

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What MTV had to say about the episode:
    So it's back to the Adam and Ellen saga. Apparently, there has been more than just talking occurring in the bunk bed of the RV. Adam continues to play with Ellen's emotions, and the other Road Rulers can't quite understand their odd relationship. Katie is particularly shocked when Ellen tells her that "Adam is taken."

    In the next mission, the Road Rulers must spend the day in a Spanish bakery making meringues for the "Meringue Festival" in the city of Vilanova. Their mission is to make a giant meringue cake and deliver it to the town square the next morning. They have no idea that the point of the festival is for the children of the town to get in a huge meringue fight. By the time the Road Rulers reach the town square, everyone is covered from head to toe in meringue. This seems to be their favorite mission so far.

    Back to Adam and Ellen. Ellen decides that she has had enough and sits Adam down for a serious talk. Adam refuses to participate and ends up pushing Ellen to her limit, where she pretty much gives up on their relationship. But once Ellen gives up, Adam decides to share his true feelings with her and explains he behaves a certain way around her because he is afraid of rejection. In a confessional, he even goes so far to say that he loves her and that he would date her if she lived in his hometown. This is definitely the rockiest relationship we have seen on Road Rules thus far. Don't miss next week's episode when Ellen gets caught talking smack about her roommates.

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