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5: Rock Climbing Part 2

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What Cast Members Blair and Steve had to say about the episode:
Steve: The night before Katie came, we met up with Juan (a local Production Assistant who was working on the show in Spain). His girlfriend was having a party. Juan's girlfriend loved me. She kept asking about me and talking to me. I think she wanted to ride the "S-Train."
Blair: Choo-choo!
Steve: Adam got so plastered at the party that he made out with some random girl...without Ellen even knowing. Anyway, when Adam wasn't making out with the random girl, he was sitting next to a plant the entire night--I think it was a fern. He was admiring the plant quite a bit. The fern was Adam's ideal girlfriend--tall, strong, and didn't say "Eek."
Blair: And didn't respond to comments about being a "white trash houseplant" or a "trailer park plant."
Steve: He passed out several times and he tried to sleep on the street. He told Blair, "How could you NOT sleep on this street? This is the most comfortable street in the world! I could sleep on this street all day."
Blair: Yeah, there was a cobblestone street and Adam had drunkenly convinced himself that every stone was a pillow, so he kept laying down.
Steve: There was this Irish girl at the party named Kit. She was very sexy. She looked kind of like Scary Spice, except she had dreads. She taught Blair and I a nice Irish saying..."Are you taking the piss?" which means "Are you kidding me?"
Blair: She told me this really funny joke about an Irishman and a job...oh, wait. That's a joke I already knew but didn't tell her because it would probably offend her.
Steve: After the party, we went to a club. The club was called "Club/Dance." They weren't really creative with the name. There were a bunch of Americans there--we didn't buy a single drink. They thought we were celebrities.
Blair: Ha ha! Little did they know...
Steve: The more I drink, the quieter I get...
Blair: Is that possible?
Steve: OK, even quieter than usual. Blair just gets crazy. Blair caught me dancing in the corner by myself. I was just kind of dancing, there was no one around and Blair taps me on the shoulder and asks what I'm doing.
Blair: Later on, I caught him making out with his forearm. Steve has an advantage everywhere we go because everyone thinks Steve is a Backstreet Boy. Whereas, I look exactly like the majority of the Caucasian population of America.
Steve: Yes, but all 12-14 year-old girls love you! It's universal, 40-year-old women want to do me. I never told anybody this...when I was in Spain, I got two keys from women. They just slipped me the key to their apartments! One of them was 37 and one of them was 40. They were so upfront! They would be like, "You are a handsome, young American. Let me seduce you!"
Blair: Wow! You're probably making that up, but it's still funny. [Blair would like to note that through his experience with Steve, he agrees that Steve is very popular with the more "mature" crowd.]
Steve: So what time did you guys leave the club?
Blair: Adam and I probably left around 4:00 a.m. We had drank a few beverages over the course of the evening, so we felt that we were "real men" and we could find our way back to the RV by ourselves. Little did we know that was the beginning of the "Adam and Blair's Two Hour Adventure To Nowhere." For two hours Adam and I walked, rode in a cab, stole some little kids' bikes, got dragged behind cars, rode on the backs of burly Spanish men riding motorcycles, and still could not find our way back to the RV. Four ice cream sandwiches, two fake Twix bars, a Snickers and a shared Spanish Cola later, we stumbled upon the RV--by the grace of God. I think we finally made it back around 6:00 a.m.
Steve: Sophia and I didn't get home until around 7:15...and Katie knocked on the RV door around 8:15. That's why no one answered the door. We were so, so tired. She knocked on the door for a good 10 minutes. Notice that I didn't look so enthused when I answered the door and saw Katie. Not that I wasn't excited to see her, I was just sooo tired. Wow, we really drank a lot that night. I would say that Granada was really historical and a great place for tourists to go, but we were too drunk to notice.
Blair: Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh...Don't remember that town Granada!
Steve: So, when Katie gets to the RV, we've all only had about 45 minutes of sleep. I figured that Katie would be with us for the next few weeks and we would have plenty of time to discuss the Theory of Relativity or Nietzche later, so I went back to sleep...where I could dream about candy.

What MTV had to say about the episode:
    With Jisela gone, the Road Rulers prepare to meet her replacement. Sophia and Adam are having a particularly hard time dealing with the prospect of welcoming a new bubbly female team member that has no clue what they have been through over the past several weeks. Adam even creates a pretty harsh initiation for this team member, including trials such as "spending the night sleeping under the stars by herself." He justifies this by saying, "I'm not going to let this person into the group until they earn their spot." Well, "this person" ends up being Katie. First impressions indicate that her positive upbeat attitude will be a refreshing change for the group.

    Before Katie even has time to adjust to her new environment, she and her teammates face the scariest mission to date: base diving headfirst at 65 miles per hour into a wall of fire. Katie faces her fears and proves to her teammates that she will be a strong member. She tries to be a good sport about the whole initiation deal, but puts her foot down about the "sleeping by herself under the stars" requirement. This creates waves between her and Adam. She tells Adam, "You were totally a different person at the casting special. You were so nice, awesome and funny, but now you are so negative to everyone." This really bothers Adam and he vows to Katie that he will prove to her that he is the same Adam from the casting special. Stay tuned for more Adam Drama next week as he continues to have trouble with Ellen.

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