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5: Rock Climbing Part 2

My comments:
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Jisela's Final Thoughts: August 14, 2001
    Final words! Finally, I'm going home. Just as a lot of you were agitated with me, I was getting tired of reading your bit*hing on the message boards. So now we can celebrate each other's departure. For those of you who were open-minded and listened to what was really going on during my trip, I thank you for your understanding and wonderful letters of encouragement. Let's make room for the new member and hope that she doesn't drink the entire trip, let's cross our fingers that someone throws Adam's medicine out the window so he can let go of that tired excuse. Maybe now we'll get to see more of that sexy Steve. You might get to see that there is more to Sophia than her sexual orientation, and who knows, maybe Ellen will break down her wall and we'll get to see what she is really about, good and bad alike. And we might get lucky and see Blair naked or just see him telling more jokes. In conclusion, this week's advice is to never go down a 300-foot mountain unless you're getting paid enough money to pay for your funeral. Just in case something goes wrong.

Keep it real on the Road.
Kisses, Jisela
P.S. Coral and I are nothing alike.

What Cast Members Blair and Steve had to say about the episode:
Steve: Sorry for the longest delay in Steve and Blair Travelogue history. Where were we? We were still trying to convince Jisela to come down the mountain. Sorry, no dice.
Blair: When Adam got to the bottom of the mountain and said that Jisela wasn't coming down, my first thought was, "Come on, Jisela, it's not that hard--your ass is big, all you have to do is lean back and let gravity do the rest."
Steve: Good, we got the mandatory ass joke out of the way....Where did we leave everyone last week? Oh yeah, we were just arriving in Spain. After experiencing a panic-like attack watching Ellen's bird video, we gathered enough strength to regain our stature and disembark in Spain, where we were greeted by people who spoke no English at all. Luckily Adam and Jisela are fluent in Spanish and I have watched many hours of Univision, so I would say we were pretty well set.
Blair: Ellen has also taken many college courses in Spanish and her written Spanish is absolutely perfect, but her spoken Spanish is only comparable to the sound of a Velociraptor's toenails scraping across a chalkboard. Imagine Cheech having a child with any female actor from Clueless, then you get the Spanish/Valley Girl accent that Ellen has.
Steve: When we got to Spain, I experienced my first ice cube in four weeks. Ice is hardly used in Morocco.
Blair: I was so excited that I let my ice cube melt and then refroze it so I could have a second ice cube too. The next couple of days were spent on our next mission--The Race Againt Time, which is a miniature Eco-Challenge (or as Ellen would call it, an "Eek!-O-Challenge").
Steve: It consisted of five events that if done at home would have gotten us suspended from school or arrested. (Not that I would know anything about that....Let's just say, don't put off parking tickets, or any other type of traffic violation. These are serious offenses, people. They will hunt you down like a pack of wolves.)
Blair: Let's cut to the chase and skip ahead to the mountain drop. It was pretty damn scary. In all actuality, it was the highest point on land that i've ever my life. In case you didn't notice, I say things like, "this was the best thing I've ever my life," or "this was the most beautiful thing I've ever my life" all the time during the show. It's just that until this point, my life had been very uneventful, so everything was new to me. Anywhere that was above two feet sea level was the highest point I'd ever been in my life. I'm thinking about copyrighting the quote "in my life" because I've used it more than anyone else.
Steve: Your trailer wasn't two feet about sea level?
Blair: Not hardly....So, everyone wants to know about Jisela. This is where I need to get serious for a minute. (But I promise I won't ever do it again. After this, don't expect any future Travelogues to be remotely serious or semi-intelligent. Trust me, more bad jokes are to come.)
Blair: BLAIR'S SERIOUS TIME: First of all, I want to say that Jisela was a very important part of the team. Jisela and I met in the semi-finals so we had a lot longer to get to know each other, which gave us the chance to establish a closer friendship than most people on the trip with us. With that relationship came a deep sense of caring for her. She told me that she cared more for her life than anything that we would do on the show, and that she couldn't promise me that she would choose the things that we did over her life--which is understandable. I know that everyone can relate when I say that I didn't want to see her in fear of her life, and I knew that every other mission would also involve us risking our lives. I didn't want to see her scared every day. Would you want to see your friend crying and fearing for their life? That's why I made the decision I did--because I cared about her. I knew that our friendship would last longer than the show we were on and carry over into life. As a matter of fact, as I'm writing this Travelogue, Jisela is in my living room watching TV, eating all my damn food and drinking all my damn beer! It had nothing to do with the kind of person she is; it had everything to do with how much she meant to me.

What MTV had to say about the episode:
    We left off last week in an extremely tense moment when Jisela tells her teammates that she will not complete the rock climbing portion of the mission because of her intense fear. Her teammates beg her to change her mind, but she stands firm. As a result, the Road Rulers fail their second mission and must vote off one of their own. Now the big question is...who will be sent packing, Jisela or Ellen? The team seems really divided on this issue. Ellen, Adam and Steve plan to vote Jisela off because she refused to even try to complete the mission. Sophia and Jisela want to vote Ellen off because they think her attitude makes her the weakest link. So the deciding vote lies with Blair. It is clear that Blair is struggling with this responsibility. On one hand, he has a tight relationship with Jisela, and prefers her personality to Ellen's. But on the other hand, he is worried that if Jisela stays, they may run into this situation again and fail another mission. After a tense afternoon, Jisela counts the votes and announces to the group that she has been voted off. Sophia is obviously super bummed to lose her best friend. In a goodbye speech to the group, Jisela states, "I have no hard feelings to none of y'all, only because my life is more important to me than anything in this world." Who will replace Jisela as the new Road Rules teammate? Will the rest of the team accept this new person into their tight-knit group? Tune in next week to find out.

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