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4: Rock Climbing

My comments:
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What Cast Members Blair and Steve had to say about the episode:
Steve: Hey guys, I'm back. Blair was able to buy me back from the circus.
Blair:Yeah, I raised the money by selling advertising space on Jisela's ass.
Steve: Oh, I want to clear something up. Contrary to popular belief, I was not voted off the show...if you watch an episode closely, you'll see a silhouette of a guy standing behind all the other cast members--that is me. I went to a burger joint last night and some girl was like, "I love you." And I was like, "How? I'm not even on the show!"
Blair: It's all good, you'll get your turn in a few weeks...when the lovin' starts.
Steve: Oooh, foreshadowing. Tangier, Morocco
Blair: So, before we catch the ferry to Spain, we go to a restaurant in Tangier. That's where Steve's "hand" incident happened.
Steve: This needs a little set up: In Morocco, it's totally disrespectful to shake hands with your left hand because that's the hand you wipe your "starfish" with. And I'm left-handed, so....
Blair: You were giving people the stink palm, dude!
Steve: We got into the restaurant and I go to the bathroom. As I'm squatting, I look around and see that there's no toilet paper...there's just a bar of soap and a bucket of water. So, as I'm squatting, I pause because I have no idea what I'm supposed to do...
Blair: It's the manual Moroccan bidet!
Steve: So, what you're supposed to do is wipe yourself with your hand and then wash your hand with the soap and the water. When in Morocco, do as the Moroccans do.
Blair: I think the saying goes, "When in Rome..."
Steve: Well, anyway, when I came out of the bathroom, I said, "Blair, I can't believe what I just did...I used my HAND!" I was so disgusted, there was only one thing to!
Blair: The Steve Ultra Soft toilet roll.
Steve: I hadn't cut my fingernails for a few days...
Blair: Ooohhh....that's rough, dude
Steve: So, what happened on the ferry?
Blair: About the only interesting thing that happened on the ferry was Ellen's artistic expression...or lack thereof. She taped the seagull who was "flying solo."
Steve: Yeah, she comes over and she's like, "Steve, you have to watch's so beautiful!" And I'm's just a bird flying. Wow.
Blair: Damn you, Fuji, for giving Ellen a camera!
Steve: Yeah, I wish I could be the seagull and fly away...then I could drop a deuce anywhere and not have to wipe myself!

What MTV had to say about the episode:
    Ellen continues to have doubts about Adam and their roller coaster relationship. She is no longer buying the excuse that "he hasn't taken his medicine that day." Meanwhile, the cast is stoked to find out that they will be leaving Morocco and entering Spain for their next mission. Sophia is particularly excited and proclaims to her fellow teammates that she "loves Spanish women" and the fact that they "are going to the land where they are created is a very good thing." Which leads us to the situation between Sophia and Jisela. Jisela is feeling more and more uncomfortable with the increasing level of affection that Sophia is sending her way. Jisela decides to confront Sophia, who explains that their friendship is very important and that she will never jeopardize it.
    The next mission involves rock climbing on a vertical rock formation. Freaked out, Jisela ends up yelling at the instructors and refuses to complete the practice run. If the team fails this mission, someone will be sent home, and at this point everyone thinks it will be Jisela. Tune in next week to see if Jisela can pull it together for this mission and to find out if someone is sent packing.

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