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3: Camel Deliveries

My comments:
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What Cast Members Blair and Steve had to say about the episode:
Blair: If you're wondering where Steve is this week, I sold him to a traveling circus of a half thai, half white people. They recently lost their strong man and their laundry woman and they thought he could fulfill their laundry woman position. I kinda miss the guy, so I'll dig through the cushions on my sofa for change and see if I can buy him back. Until then, let's go to Fes for a bit, shall we?
Fes is where the whole Adam/Ellen thing started. Until this week, we had called the bed above the driver's seat the "love nest" but in Fes, it became the "luv nest". That's where Adam and Ellen decided to consumate their three-week long relationship. I remember waking up to the noise of a thousand leeches sucking on something. And being the inquiring mind that I am, I poked my head out from the curtain to see what was going on--that's where I got my first glimpse of what my parents used to call "Mommy and Daddy" time. Then I realized that the sound-proof curtains weren't functioning properly. [Editor's Note: At this point, Blair refuses to comment any more on the situation because he realizes that the MTV censors won't allow him to discuss sexually graphic content.]
It was also in Morocco when I had just finished eating my 5th box of cereal (a Moroccan cereal with 17 words in the title and the same Cocoa Puff's monkey on the front of the box), and I realized that I didn't spend my money wisely--I spent all of my money on useless crap and not on food. Anything that looked Moroccan, I bought. I was sucked into the void that is tourism. We found out we had a job which means dinero, or actually in Morocco it means Dirham. And I was in desperate need of some of that!
The job: Watching Jisela, I couldn't decide if I wanted to load up the smallest donkey or load up her ass because I didn't know which one had more surface area--it was a toss up. Being the "all-knowing" person that Steve is [Editor's Note: at this point, Blair gags at the thought of having to admit that Steve is all-knowing.], he tells us that we should put our wallets in our front pockets because the street are so narrow, it makes us an easy target for pick-pockets.
Just like Steve warned us about the narrow Moroccan streets, someone must have warned the theives in the market place that Americans put their wallets in their crotch--because I don't think I'm that attractive and people were being mighty touchy-feely on me. Little did they know, they were only copping a feel, because I didn't have any damn money! All they did was get a little feel of Cajun Sausage!
So far, this day is absolutely the most fun day of the show. Ellen was going "eek, eek" like she was a giant mouse who had escaped from the circus or something...Adam hadn't taken his medicine, so the Puerto Rican monster was in full effect...Steve's crotch had gotten smashed on numerous occasions...and I was covered in four types of feces and 13 eggs (which I figured would do wonders for my complexion.) Just another day in the life of a Road Ruler.
Check back next week to see if Steve will grace us with his presence.

What MTV had to say about the episode:
    Most important news first: Adam and Ellen finally hook up after days of flirting. Nobody is suprised. Meanwhile, the Road Rulers run out of cash and must work to earn more. They head north to a small town called Fes, which has over 20,000 narrow streets. They must make seven deliveries in five hours on foot or by donkey. The items include stuff such as chickens, eggs and yarn. Needless to say, delivering items on donkeys is not their strength.

    After causing a major traffic jam, pissing off the locals, breaking eggs, losing two of the donkeys, and almost crushing Steve, the Road Rulers manage to make the last delivery in the nick of time. But Adam ends up in the doghouse when he doesn't take his ADD medication and makes a fool of himself and his team during the mission. Ellen begins to wonder if she made a huge mistake. Tune in next week to see if Ellen gives Adam the boot...

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