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2: Snake Charming

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What Cast Members Blair and Steve had to say about the episode:
Steve: What happened in Marrakech?
Blair: That's where the Adam/Jisela Armageddon World Tour started.
Steve: And where I was experiencing major bowel problems.
Blair: This is also where we got our cell phone that we were allowed to call home on. When they gave us the phone, everybody jumped up and down, clicking our heels like we were in a 1980s Ford commercial or something. That night everyone, except Jisela, used the phone for a few minutes. So, the next day she decided that the entire day should be her day to talk on the phone. I noticed that the other people were getting a bit perturbed by this. Adam, sans medication, decides that it would be funny to follow Jisela in the RV while she's talking on the phone…oh, and lay on the horn. She keeps walking away and he keeps following her (horn still honking). Meanwhile, I suffer a laugh-related spleen injury. Finally, Jisela's two-second fuse burns down and she runs to the window and tries to break it with the cell phone (which is a bad idea since it is the only contact with the lives we used to know.) Then she pops up in the back of the RV and the screaming begins. Meanwhile, I'm laughing so hard, I actually urinated on myself. It wasn't really urination--just a couple drops came out.
Steve: Girls refer that as a "tinkle."
Blair: The fight lasted at least an hour and a half. Jisela says, "Adam, you're pissing me off." I felt bad because I couldn't stop laughing. I thought I was going to go to the hospital to get reverse nitrous oxide treatment. A little back story: Jisela and I met at the semi-finals (before the Casting Special) so we had a better relationship than the others. I felt bad about laughing because I felt like I should be an intelligent part of this conversation and stick up for her…but I just couldn't stop laughing. At this point, she reaches into her "way out of left field hat" and pulls out a "Adam and Blair you are both bisexuals" comment. So, just because I didn't make Adam stop harassing her, I'm bisexual. But it doesn't bother me because it wasn't Jisela talking, it was the Puerto Rican monster who lives inside of her. It must have been a full moon and the Puerto Rican beast was hungry for some Cajun blood.
Steve: We had our own stalker in Marrakech. A guy comes up to me and he asks if I'm a movie star. There weren't cameras around or anything. It was our first free night w/ out cameras. I was at a candy stand...
Blair: …a Moroccan "mini mall". It's a cart that has every one of life's necessities in a 4x4 square: candy, lanterns, food, shoes, small children…I bought a hat, a bandana and some ginger snaps. It was my first big Moraccan shopping spree.
Steve: This guy comes up to me and starts speaking French. He buys me a Chupa Chup--the greatest frickin' lollipop ever-so I accept. He asked me if I was in American Cinema. I say we're not in the movies, but we're on TV and apparently he's a "tour guide" and he basically just follows us for the next two hours. Jisela started freaking out. Adam told our producer that he didn't want to be "sexually penetrated" by the stalker. Jisela was getting really disturbed--the ghetto warrior was out.
Blair: Every time we tell a police that this stalker guy was following us, the guy would hide. (At this point in the discussion, Blair leaves to "drop a deuce".)
Steve: Oh, that reminds me. In the McDonald's in Marrakech, I had my first bowel movement of eight days. I also saw my first ice cube here. I thought I was going to go in culture shock.

What MTV had to say about the episode:
    It has only been a few days and the Road Rulers are already at each other's throats. The fire erupts when Jisela insists on driving the Winnie, and Adam criticizes her driving. Jisela screams to Adam, "You're not my dad and you're not going to tell me how to drive!" Adam decides to push Jisela's buttons further by honking the horn while Jisela is trying to talk on her cell phone. Jisela completely loses it and explodes when her teammates try to calm her down.

    Meanwhile, the Road Rulers face their ultimate fears in the next challenge.They must try to get a cobra snake to strike at them by using their fingers, a drum or a flute. Adam is particularly scared of snakes and is worried that his teammates will think he's "the weakest link." But he pulls through for his team and wins the mission. Back on the drama front, Adam confides in his teammates that he has ADD--Attention Deficit Disorder--which explains his unpredictable behavior. With this new understanding of each other, Adam and Jisela have a heart to heart talk and reconcile. Stay tuned to see if everyone remains civil.

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