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What Cast Members Blair and Steve had to say about the episode:
Blair: Imagine being 21 years old, never leaving Louisiana and getting on a plane to go to Morocco. I had a seven hour layover in New York and a seven hour layover in France.
Steve: On the plane from New York, I sat next to Stevie Licks (adult-oriented film star). She showed me her "portfolio" that was basically a bunch of Hustlers with dog-eared pages.
Blair: I get to Casablanca and the person meeting me tells me to get in this tiny Fiat, and that I have an 11 hour drive ahead of me. It was midnight and we were going through all of these dark roads and stuff and I thought they kidnapped me--I had heard that they kidnap Americans because they think we have a lot of money.
Steve: My drive to Erfoud was the worst--I thought it was a 15 minute drive but it turned out to be 11 hours. My driver would honk at girls! Even though he was ugly as hell, the girls loved him because he had a car. And he had five teeth--which was two more than everyone else had. My taxi driver had a copy of Celine Dion's titanic song, which he played the whole time. It was the extended version and when it was over, he would rewind it and play it again--for 11 hours.
Blair: I'm pretty sure my driver didn't have any vocal chords-he didn't make a sound the whole time. I wanted to sleep since it was such a long drive, but couldn't since I was convinced I had been kidnapped. The driver stops and takes me inside a bar (which is a building with no roof) and buys me some shots of something and he motions to me, "drink this." It turned out to be whisky--possibly the harshest whisky known to man (which gave me an understanding not only of why Moroccan people don't have teeth, but also why they don't have vocal chords). Meanwhile, the driver is soundlessly laughing at me, which is weird--have you ever seen anyone laugh without making a sound? It's kind of unsettling. Oh, and the road system in Morocco is very convenient, there's a rest stop every 20 miles--it's called a bush. When I finally got to Erfoud, they stuck me in a hotel for two days because they didn't want us to meet the other people in the cast yet. Every once in a while they would call me to do an interview or just call us to make sure I was still in the hotel. They didn't want us to leave our hotel because they didn't want us to meet each other yet. So we were stuck in our hotel for 2 days. They'd call to see if I was in the hotel. When the phone would ring, I would be so excited just to talk to someone.
Steve: My first time experiencing Moroccan food was at the hotel. Since I couldn't leave the hotel, I ordered room service. I wasn't sure what to order, so I ordered a hamburger every day. The hamburger would come with an egg on top. Sometimes it came with a bun, sometimes it would come with asparagus or watercress. In the morning they only offered apricot preserves, bread with apricot preserves, crepes, or olives. Olives are like snow flakes, every one is different.
Blair: In the hotel, all i ate was bread--toasted bread, fried bread, pickled bread, pureed bread, grilled bread, smothered bread, flame-broiled bread, buttered bread, scattered bread, covered bread, crushed bread, breadcrumbs...and olives.
Steve: I became intimately involved with Jennifer Capriati and Monica Seles while I was at the hotel.
Blair: Yeah, i know how "intimately involved" you were...'cause I was doing the same thing!
Steve: Uh, yeah...all they have on TV in Morocco is tennis...oh, and an infomercial on the Ab-doer or European skiing championships.
Blair: I had an advantage over Steve, because I had an infomercial for the Gym-form, and the host was Janet from Three's Company.
Steve: Blair and I were in separate hotels but we both were watching the same thing. That was an inside joke with us for a while. I prefer Jennifer--she's on the comeback.
Blair: They're both hot, but I prefer Monica because I like to disagree with Steve--and she screams when she swings.
Steve: Erfoud's the setting for many movies--The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, The Legionier. When we went out to the desert, we were blindfolded so we had no idea how we got there. When we went back, we found a lot of markers that were left by other film crews. We took a ride through the desert on a camels, which is definitely something you have to do if you're going to Morocco. Learning how to make a camel go is one of the coolest things. You say, "ziet" and "osh" to make a camel sit down or lightly tap the back of it's legs--or if you're Ellen, use your upper-cut swing a la Ken Griffy, Jr.
Blair: Or if you're Jisela, curse at it incessantly in Spanish until someone else does it.

Blair thinks he's the best camel whisperer, but I know I am.
Blair: The only reason camels listen to Steve is because he licks them--and we won't say any more about that subject.

What MTV had to say about the episode:
    Ellen, Blair, Sophia, Adam, Jisela and Steve arrive in the middle of the Sahara Desert for Road Rules Season 10: The Quest. Their goal is to recover an ancient crest that has been broken up into 10 pieces. Each piece represents a virtue that other Road Rulers have struggled to attain. If they fail any of the missions, they have one opportunity to redeem themselves. If they fail again, they must vote off one of their team members.
    It quickly becomes clear who the weaker links are during the first mission. Each Road Ruler must climb 200 feet down a rope ladder from a helicopter. Jisela talks a big game, but ends up becoming the first to fail a mission for the team. During a grueling ride across the desert on uncooperative camels, Jisela falls off her camel, freaks out, and threatens to go home. In Morocco, Ellen gets upset when the locals throw rocks at her. Her teammates theorize that the locals feel disrespected by Ellen's sexual attire and that she should be more considerate of different cultures. Ellen ends up breaking down and shares her dark secret of being raped.

    After just a few days, there are strong signs of personality differences. The easygoing guys on the team have their hands full with the women. Fortunately, the team redeems itself and is not required to vote off a member--yet.

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