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Thanks to Xenophon for providing this transcript. Road Rules AOL Chat with Mark and Kit in the MTV Arena Nov. 3, 1995

MTVixen : Mark & Kit from Road Rules are online here in the MTV Arena
MTVixen : We're just waiting on Kit, she'll be along any time now.
MTVixen : Send them a question NOW; Click and fire away!
MTVixen : Gang's all here!
MTVixen : Welcome to the MTV Arena, for the Road Rules live online event!
MTVixen : Mark and Kit are here to answer all of your questions...

RRules Kit : HELLO
RRulesMARK : Hello and fire away

Question :How did you two get choosen for Road Rules?
RRulesMARK : I started w/ the real world sf and then met the producers and shot the pilot
RRules Kit : Mark got chosen for his big hair and me for my intelligence

Question :what was your favorite experiece while you were on the trip?
RRules Kit : naked 80 year old men playinf horseshoes was my favorite

Question :Kit, no offense, but how tall are you?! MY GOD!
RRules Kit : I'm 5'2 with platform shoes
RRulesMARK : I'm 6'4" w/ the fro.

Question :are you guys a couple?
RRulesMARK : Sure are.
RRules Kit : Mark still digs me and he's a grreat smoocher

Question :So, are you two going to europe together? Also, I also am applying for Road Rules. What time of the year did y'all do it?
RRulesMARK : We shot from March to June. Get you r letters in quick.
RRules Kit : We travelled from March to May
RRulesMARK : Regarding Europe I sent Kit first to find the hot spots.
RRules Kit : Mark where were you in June?
RRulesMARK : I was in Florida being a beach bum.
RRules Kit : I hope Mark will take me with him to Europe because I'm ready to roll

Question :What are you doing now? How did Road Rules help you to grow emotionally?
RRulesMARK : Right now I am planning on taking over Jay Leno's spot on the tonight show. Emotionally I am not that serious, so I just rolled w/ the flow.
RRules Kit : I wanna ride shamoo at Sea World

Question :How did you like the nudist camp...?
RRules Kit : Nothing better than a bunch of naked old men
RRulesMARK : The nudist camp was a trip. I'm glad we went because Kit and Alison were begging to see me naked.

Question :Mark what frat at UF are you in?
RRulesMARK : Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Question :What was the real problem between Shelley and Carlos at the begining of the trip?
RRules Kit : Basically he liked her and she didn't want to smooch him
RRulesMARK : Shelly didn't want to mack the mack daddy Losman.

MTVixen : Mark and Kitt, from Road Rules, are here answering YOUR and send one in!
RRulesMARK : Hey guys what was your favorite episode?

Question :Which stop was the "mutual" favorite?
RRulesMARK : I liked the Rockford speedeway.
RRules Kit : Gillete Wyoming/skydiving
RRules Kit : Mark was sooooooo scared!
RRulesMARK : My favorite was the night before white water rafting when we hung out in a church parking lot in Hiko.

Question :Did Alison feel left out with Los liking Shelly and the 2 of you together?
RRules Kit : Ahhhh funny funny boy
RRulesMARK : She got hers in Nogales.
RRules Kit : She was still digging Louie

Question :did MTV show most of what happened on the trip, or was a lot omitted?
RRulesMARK : Alot of stuff was cut out due to the nature of the show and time constraints. But they kept all the good stuff.
RRules Kit : A lot was cut but they showed the best stuff
RRulesMARK : I think I said that.
RRules Kit : Mark I only want to be like you

Question :You two wre the chillest! Was Lo really that moody or was that the only part Kept?
RRules Kit : nice spelling dork
RRulesMARK : Los was cool to us all the time.
RRules Kit : Los got in his little moods but he was cool
RRulesMARK : Kit and I that is.
RRules Kit : It was always the three of us hangin

Question :What was up with allison and that mayor of nogales, luis valdez?
RRules Kit : She got a little more than the key
RRulesMARK : I don't see nothin' wrong w/ a little bump and grind.

Question :my fave episode is the one where you and Kit kiss on Bourbon St
RRulesMARK : Thanks for the comment
RRules Kit : Yeah mine too he's a great smoocher but he smooched me!!!!!

Question :What would you guys have done if you had a Puck in your group?
RRules Kit : Kicked him off the winnie
RRulesMARK : Throw him out of the airplane w/o a shute.

Question :Were the puzzles really that difficult?
RRulesMARK : Some were some wern't, but I'M SLY AS AFOX.
RRules Kit : I'm the one that figured out all the clues

Question :Now that you are back, and you have seen the show, do you feel that RR captured the real people and their personalities?
RRules Kit : Yes
RRulesMARK : 100% yes.

Question :Do you keep in touch with the others?
RRulesMARK : I have not spoken w/ them much.
RRules Kit : not really only the dude with the big hair

Question :What "naughty" behind-the-scenes action did we miss?
RRules Kit : not a damn thing
RRules Kit : no lying mark
RRulesMARK : Nada, protecting Kit.
RRules Kit : don't protect me bonehead
RRulesMARK : Kit is expecting our 1st nxt spring.
RRules Kit : haha okay enough
RRules Kit : mark if you want my body and you think I'm sexy come on sugar let

me know

Question :What was it like meeting Van Halen????
RRules Kit : they were the coolest dudes
RRulesMARK : Van Halen was killer

Question :My favorite episode was the last one...I cried seeing all of you part! Seriously!
RRulesMARK : Right, I cried too.
RRules Kit : I cried my eyes out

Question :If you guys had a chance to do this again would you?
RRules Kit : In a heart beat
RRulesMARK : No doubt.

Question :What do you guys miss most about RRules?
RRules Kit : I miss Mark
RRulesMARK : Kit's sexy body.

Question :MArk, did you REALLY cry?
RRules Kit : I saw him
RRulesMARK : Yes, like a dog.

Question :did ya'll dump andy and tracy
RRulesMARK : We are now just good friends.
RRulesMARK : By the way Andy and Tracy are now dating.

Question :Mark-Did you grow your hair out again???
RRulesMARK : Yes, it is actually long.

Question :Is MTV going to continue this series with a new group of characters like Real World?
RRulesMARK : Don't have the time now, but git back w/ me if it doesn't work out w/ Kit
RRulesMARK : Yes 100 % yes, call the hot line 818/ 752-7088.

Question :Do you think the trip would have been as fun without each other-Kit and mark?
RRulesMARK : No way
RRules Kit : No he made the trip a blast

Question :Mark: When you realized your chute wouldn't open what were you thinking?
RRulesMARK : I was looking for the closest bathroom so I could clean myself up.

Question :How far away are kit & mark living from each other?
RRulesMARK : I'm in LA and she is in Atlanta
RRules Kit : We are about to both be in LA
RRulesMARK : You do the math
RRulesMARK : Kit could not stand to be apart so she is coming to LA on me.

Question :Who had to clean the Winnie....Or was it a pigsty????? RRules Kit : Pigsty
RRulesMARK : I will let Kit answer this
RRules Kit : Mark cleaned the damn thing it's a mans job

Question :was it hard to share some of your personal life on national televison?
RRules Kit : Yes, especially the Andy stuff
RRulesMARK : No I wish my whole life could be shared by all.

Question :why wasnt mark's family visited?
RRules Kit : They were at the nudist colony
RRulesMARK : Was not along the way.
RRulesMARK : My dad was george.

Question :Do you know what the other cast members are doing now?
RRules Kit : Not a clue
RRulesMARK : They are all doing time, joking.

Question :KIt, are you going to become a MTV VJ? Everyone else is.
RRules Kit : I wish darling
RRulesMARK : We are going to get our own talk show.

Question :What was the longest w/o showers?
RRules Kit : 2 weeks for me
RRulesMARK : 2 weeks and I loved every minute of it.,
RRules Kit : do you mean with or without Mark
RRulesMARK : Half the time with

Question :Do you regret anything you did on the trip?
RRules Kit : Not a thing
RRulesMARK : I regret not kissing Kit sooner
RRules Kit : He tried and tried

Question :Was was it like being in a tub with KIT and the mud??
RRules Kit : he loves a chunky monkey
RRulesMARK : 100% pure heaven
RRules Kit : ditto

Question :Who the heck was Andy and Tracy???
RRules Kit : old news
RRulesMARK : Old friends who go bump in the night

Question :What did you think of the show when you saw it for the first time?
RRules Kit : I thought it was a riot
RRulesMARK : Kit thought she looked chunky, but I did not mind
RRules Kit : Mark looks hot on camera

Question :what do you plan to do now that you are not travelling?
RRules Kit : try to be one of Barker's beauty's on the Price is Right
RRulesMARK : We plan on picking up w. ringlings bros in march

Question :why was los such a jerk??
RRulesMARK : Los had his moods.
RRules Kit : He just got a little cranky.
RRulesMARK : Kit, how bad do you miss me?

Question :The first time the show aired on MTV did you watch it together?
RRules Kit : Yes it was heaven
RRulesMARK : Yes Kit was on my lap
RRulesMARK : That's why it was heaven

Question :Is there anything major that MTV excluded from the edited version of Road Rules?
RRulesMARK : Only the bedroom scenes in New York, WOW!!!
RRules Kit : Nothing except Mark hounding me like a dirty dog

Question :Mark: were you the one on Real Word in San Fransico--to be one of their new roomates?
RRules Kit : Answer Ken
RRulesMARK : That was me, or should I say my evil twin

Question :Did the camera people have to go though the same trials and tribulations you guys did?
RRulesMARK : Yes and then some
RRules Kit : Yes some of the times

Question :Kit why did you deny liking Mark "like That" for so long?
RRulesMARK : Yes Kit why?
RRules Kit : I'm thinking
RRules Kit : He's too good looking for me
RRulesMARK : Kit was a dirty birdy 24/7 days a week

MTVixen : CINDERS2 asks : Is it hard to do the show?
RRulesMARK : Piece a cake for us hard on the crew.
RRules Kit : No it's sooooooooooooo easy if you have a cute buddy

Question :did you guys kiss before the Bourbon St. incident
RRules Kit : UHHHH?
RRulesMARK : Yes
RRulesMARK : We kissed for the first time with dogs looking on in Gunison, CO

Question :Kit are you trying to get make show business your 13th career move
RRules Kit : You're guess is as good as mine
RRulesMARK : She will be on 'America's Most Wanted ' before shw makes it in show biz

Mtvmail : Tanjar1ne: how come they didn't let u on the real world 3?
RRulesMARK : I guess I wasn't cool enough for Rachel
RRules Kit : Mark's hair was too darn big

Question :How much money did MTV really give you?
RRules Kit : does a billion dollars mean anything to you
RRulesMARK : It's a secret, but I will be living comfortably for the rest of my life.
RRules Kit : with me Mark?

Question :did you ever fight over who got the front seat?
RRulesMARK : If you are lucky KIT
RRulesMARK : No
RRulesMARK : Next
RRules Kit : Mark always drove and I was his wingman

Question :In your pilgramige-did you find if there really was any spanish fly?
RRulesMARK : What does that mean?
RRules Kit : what?

Question :are you two the only ones that did the wild thing on the trip??
RRules Kit : I don't know what you are talking about?
RRulesMARK : Every other night, ha ha just kidding, don't want to go there

Question :What was the deal with Kermit?
RRules Kit : He was Ali's lover
RRulesMARK : Kermit was Alison's boyfriend when the Mayor of Nogales
refused to sleep w/ her

Question :Did you meet Real World London people when you went to Europe?
RRules Kit : Not a one of them
RRulesMARK : No

Question :i just got here ...what is ther sitch with you together...married ....what?
RRules Kit : He wants me
RRulesMARK : On different coasts but we will be together soon. We are thinking of the name for our first born.
RRules Kit : Ha ha

Question :What happened in the bedroom scenes in New York?
RRulesMARK : Kit how do you like the name Milton?
RRules Kit : Nothing to be concerned with ......lots of shut eye
RRules Kit : I likE eARL
RRulesMARK : Let's just say you would have to go to the back of the video store in the little room to find the tape

Question :Did Alli, Los, or Shelly have any FUN with the camera people?
RRulesMARK : Kit's being boring
RRulesMARK : Disney my ass

Question :Kit...I'm a pastry chef...Is there anything I could whip UP to make you leave Mark????
RRules Kit : right next to Mary Poppins
RRules Kit : Whatcha got darling?
RRulesMARK : I'm the best pastery chef in town pal

Question :mark did you like kit from the beginning
RRules Kit : duh
RRulesMARK : I fell in love w/ KIT the first time I layed eyes on her
RRules Kit : any day dork
RRules Kit : dreamy

Question :Why did you do Road Rules? For the fun or for a career move?
RRules Kit : he wher's the pastry man
RRulesMARK : watch out honey or else the love will not flow
RRules Kit : for the sheer fun of it
RRules Kit : what's that my little cream puff
RRulesMARK : I believe everyone should be blessed w/ seeing a slice of Mark Anthony Long

Question :How long did it take to get used to the cameras being there all the
time? RRules Kit : one day
RRulesMARK : I was use to them from my time on the real world in SF and the pilot.
RRules Kit : show off
RRules Kit : I can't type
RRulesMARK : No shit
RRules Kit : watch that trash mouth

Question :what was your favorite stop alond the way? the one that you would most like to go back to some day?
RRulesMARK : I am not typing my assistant is

MTVixen : Thanks for grilling the Road Rules cast members, Mark and Kit...
RRules Kit : thanks for the chat STAY GOLDEN and keep watching
RRulesMARK : Thanks for the memories keep an eye out for when Kit & I hit
LA... It will be a whirl wind! Thanks-

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