Season 1 Episodes


20: Spa

My comments:
    The next morning they packed up and head out back on the trail. And they continued to fight and get lost. When they eventually found a river on the map, they started to feel better and stopped fighting. When they finally made it back to the Winnie, they found a trophy that told them that they were to go to a spa in California. On they way to the Spa, the group started remembering all the fun that they had had on the adventure.
    When they made it to the Spa they received a mud bath, use of a Jacuzzi and a massage, but it did not take long for Kit and Mark to start massaging each other. Just when Kit and Mark started walking down the hall they dropped their towels to flash the camera.. After they got done with the Spa they went to a Chinese restaurant where they had dinner and after dinner they was given fortune cookies with clue in them telling them that they need to go Santa Barbara for their next clue. On the way to Santa Barbara they decided to stop in San Francisco to get tattoos for Shelly and Allison. So Allison ended up get a kermit the frog with a stethoscope on her upper hip, and Shelly got her name on her lower back.
    After they got to Santa Barbara they found another clue telling them to go back where they started. So they headed back to Malibu, and when they got back they started to run up the hill. When they got to the top they found a box and all of their families waiting for them. After saying Hi to everyone they opened the box and found their reward: a trip for two to Europe.

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