Season 1 Episodes


17: Skydiving
18: Job at Dine-a-Ville motel
19: Survive

My comments:
   The next clue told them that they would be skydiving. And when they got to the field they were told that they would be doubling up with an instructor. When Allison put on her harness she place kermit in the frount where it looks like he was free falling. When Mark jumped out of the plane his primary and reserve chute did not open up, the only thing that saved him was a CO2 canister that exploded at a certain altitude and released the chute. Once Mark relized what happened he was very scared.
   After each one jumped a little parachute droped with their next clue: telling them that they had a job at a motel in Utah. When they got to the motel they found out that they had to paint a big dinosaur pink, half way through the paint job, Mark and Kit get the idea of painting the T-rex next sores, toenails pink. So when the finished thier job they got paid, and on the crane was a stuff dinosaur with a note in it telling them that there were to meet the B.O.S.S.
   The closer that they got to the place they relized that B.O.S.S. stood for a survial course. When they got to the B.O.S.S. they was told that they was to be dropped off in the middle of the desert to fend for themselves for two days, and they were only going to be able to take just a little bit of things with them. So the group went through a training course that taught them how to start fires with sticks, how to read maps and how to pack for their trip. Then they were dropped off in the desert and told where their water drop would be and they were on thier way. The day went with out too much trouble, except for a little fighting. They eventually found their campsite and sat down to eat. It ended up that they ate all the food that they was given for the whole next day.

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